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My name is LuAnn Cibik,  and I’m a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®. Interior Alignment® is the Feng Shui and Space Clearing school founded by Denise Linn author of ‘Feng Shui for the Soul’ and ‘Sacred Space’. I have been a full time a Feng Shui professional since 2003.  I’’m proud to be an active member of the Foundation Council for Interior Alignment® and past member of the IFSG Board.

Becoming a feng shui consultant and educator was a part of a long journey. I was always experimenting with color and rearranging things as a child. I have many fields of metaphysical study that I absolutely love and have worked with over the past 20 years. I am a Soul Coaching (R) Practitioner and Trainer, Gateway Dreaming Practitioner/Mentor , Master Oracle Card Practitioner, Clutter Clearing Coach, Red Lotus Practitioner, Past Life Coach, Holistic Color Therapist and am certified in Medical Qigong. I also have a certification program in Forest Therapy. I have studied both eastern and western astrology and practice aromatherapy at both a medicinal and metaphysical level. I love to create art and jewelry and create custom jewelry with intention called Sacred Circles Jewelry. I am teacher of yoga t’ai chi,  belly dance as well as meditation.

This background gives me a  unique advantage as a Feng Shui and Space Clearing educator and consultant. By understanding the concepts of Chinese medicine and energetic influences on the body I can help you gain knowledge in valuable exercises and practices for building your own chi and developing chi sensitivities.  In feng shui the art of creating your sacred soul space is about much more than placing ‘cures’ it is about using all your senses to create a thoughtful space to live and love.

Most of my certification programs and educational courses are held my 80 acre retreat center in Pennsylvania, however, I have also taught worldwide, and at magical places in the USA. Previously I worked over 22 years in programming and management in the Information Management field and I understand the needs of businesses and the corporate world. I work both in person and through distance consultation around the world.

When you are looking for a teacher or a consultant you will know instinctively who the ‘right one’ is for you.

I hope we get to chat. I look forward to helping you find Your Inner Harmony!
Please contact me at luann@inner-harmony.org or give me a call at 724-316-2428.

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If using the power of nature, the energy of intention, and the compassion of working from the heart with your client is appealing to you, perhaps you are meant to be an Interior Alignment® Practitioner. Interior Alignment® is the feng shui and space clearing system created by Denise Linn, author of “Feng shui for the Soul”, “Sacred Space” and many more books in […]
Leechburg, Pennsylvania 15656
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