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Lydia started her design career in the early 80’s as a general contractor’s designer in Naples, Florida. Her role, in addition to designing the model homes, was to work with clients in selecting all of the materials needed for building their new home. She also coordinated the outside materials including the shingles or roof tiles, window finishes, and paint and trim colors.
Years later Lydia moved to the mountains in North Carolina where she had the opportunity to design homes and cabins in a variety of styles. Modern Mountain, Rustic Chic and Eclectic Farmhouse to name a few. She created electronic design boards pulling fabrics, colors, and furniture together to create a beautiful room or home. This tool enables her to work long distance with her clients. Traveling between North Carolina and Florida, Lydia is enjoying helping her clients create harmonious beautiful homes they will love and cherish every day.
Lydia studied Feng Shui at the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui with Lisa Alban and Steve Kodad with a combination of training that included in person, live webinars and videos.
“As a designer I feel that Feng Shui takes design to the next level. The Bagua is my favorite tool and a great guide in creating balance and harmony. It helps me determine the finishing touches as well, for example, which element will enhance the space and provide balance.”

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