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Mary Roberts founded Successful Spaces to create individualized living and working spaces that help people increase productivity and realize their highest potential. She provides insightful support through consultations in private residences, businesses, and college campuses. As a pioneer, educator and leading feng shui authority, Mary brings this ancient wisdom to clients around the world.

Her experience and research has uncovered the environmental factors that contribute to success. She has presented at dozens of colleges and has consulted with hundreds of clients. She authored Create Your Space, Create Your Life: Set Yourself Up for Success at College and The Mystical Pizza, a comprehensive e-Kit to help students create comfortable living and working spaces that support their personal and academic success.

An informative speaker on a broad range of feng shui topics, Mary has lectured at the Boston College of Architecture, has guided money management firms in Boston’s financial district, and has spoken frequently on panels at “Build Boston” and “Residential Design,” sponsored by the Boston Society of Architects. Her work has been cited in the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Associated Press, Her Campus Magazine, Conscious Design Magazine, and others.

Mary enjoys working as an agent of change by partnering with any individual or organization that is ready to maximize their potential and productivity by improving their environment.

– See more at: http://www.successfulspaces.com/about/#sthash.KSKjila5.dpuf

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