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Michele created the FengShui sessions at world famous Canyon Ranch and Mandala FengShui SPACE AS MEDICINE has evolved over the last 17 years to include space clearings, blessings, audits, placement, luxury real estate, 5 Elements, lighting, color, art, landscapes, interiors, exteriors and every space is uniquely transformed with an organic collaborative approach.  Michele graduated in 1999 from BTB Professional Masters Program in SOHO, NYC.  Intention and motivation are grounding themes in Michele’s intuitive approach and she loves best collaborating with clients to bring to life their visions and dreams.

Michele teaches both REAL ESTATE FENGSHUI courses for BTB Masters Online, she is an International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) Red Ribbon Professional, a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor (RYT), and for more than 18 years a daily Tibetan Buddhist meditator and student of HH the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet as well as extensive lineage Tibetan Bon Buddhist teachers.

Michele is a prolific writer and has published Feng Shui articles with Lamorinda Weekly, Desert Leaf Magazine, New York Daily News, The Village Voice, The Orinda News, Contra Costa Times and Bay Area News, Diablo Magazine, Tucson Happenings Magazine, Feng Shui Marketing & Publishing, Han University Newsletter (formerly Asian Institute), and her own monthly Mandala Feng Shui SPACE AS MEDICINE monthly eNewsletter/blog.

Mandala FengShui’s Annual “EMPOWERMENT Charts” share personal and professional timing, self-care strategies, strategic planning, and an annual timing review that includes 9 Stars and traditional Chinese Taoist & Tibetan Astrology lineages.

Currently residing in the Bay area of California, Michele collaborates together to create SPACE AS MEDICINE FengShui with high functioning individuals and design professionals including general contractors, architects, painting contractors, and landscape designers.   Michele is also available by phone or Facetime for REMOTE FengShui sessions and she frequently lectures on a wide variety of FengShui subjects, and enjoys sharing her wisdom in tailored corporate, real estate and industry pros workshops or seminars.

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