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Hello. I’m Monica, Graphic Designer and Artist behind Blooming Home. I am a graduate of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, with a BFA in Communications Design. My time at Pratt gave me experience in Fine Arts, 3D, Fashion Design, Illustration, Photography, Videography and Graphic Design. Most importantly I learned how to problem solve and think outside the box. I’ve explored many other areas which have shaped me including Birth Doula training/Education, Motherhood and other deeply personal work.

I thrive from my morning smoothie and afternoon matcha. I enjoy hiking, yoga, traveling, making raw treats, Ikebana floral arranging, decluttering and jewelry design. I’m obsessed with color but I know sometimes black, white and gray are necessary. My current home is in Philadelphia and shared with my amazing and talented husband, beautiful and powerful daughter and sweet little kitty, Oliver Stormcloud. I have completed both a half marathon and a sprint triathlon (even though I am NOT a runner).

The birth of Blooming Home:
Creative Decluttering was born in 2015 and was rebranded as Blooming Home in 2018. After moving across the country with two weeks notice, decluttering my own life and reading Marie Kondo’s books, I became obsessed with decluttering and organizing and at the same time found The Minimalists podcast. While simplifying helped me physically and mentally while dealing with chronic illness, I realized something about total Minimalism was missing and a little stark for the designer and emotional part of me. I noticed huge shifts in my life from the work I was doing. In 2016, I attended a retreat, where I was introduced to Space Clearing. This led me to Denise Linn’s books and work and I happened to pick up one of Tisha Morris’ Feng Shui books. I read everything I could about Feng Shui and Holistic Home Design. I completed my Feng Shui certification course (International Feng Shui Guild approved) through Tisha’s company, Earth Home Feng Shui, LLC and was certified in 2018. Just before this I began training in Ikebana Floral Design, the art of Japanese flower arranging (Sogetsu School). I decided to use my love of color, crystals, flowers and plants with Feng Shui to bring beauty and raise interior energy of spaces.

I’m an intuitive, creative problem solver, detective, designer and a master with color. I’m extremely sensitive to spaces, smells, toxicity and environments and feel most at peace in nature. I think that many people have become disconnected from nature and the importance of our home environments and what we put into our bodies and surround ourselves with. I take complex problems and chaos and make things easy and organized and beautiful. I can only function when things are in order. I want to help others to have order and beauty in their homes, minds and lives so they can live their best happiest lives (whatever that means for them). My process for decluttering and creating “home” is a more mindful process and it’s made for lasting change. I empower you for a deeper level of beautifying that will completely change your home and lifestyle so you see things in a new way. I believe that change begins in our homes and spreads out from there. My goal is to help you realize what is important to you in this life so that you can live the life you want.

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