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Nicole’s love and passion for feng shui started before she even knew about it.

From an early age she enjoyed decorating and rearranging rooms in the house because, as her family notes, “she always paid attention to details in a room to ensure the space ‘felt good.’” As a deeply intuitive person, she has been called to practice different types of healing modalities throughout her life. Completing her yoga teacher training accelerated things and guided her to formally learn feng shui. It was divine timing and she immediately recognized it was one of her deepest passions.

Her life had major shifts after implementing only a few of the things she learned during the first days of training. This turned her awareness, sharper than ever, to the impact our living environment has on our lives and well-being. Inspired to help create more harmony in the world, she is honored to now share the feng shui knowledge and help people all around the world live happier, loving and joy-filled lives. Born in Ecuador and raised in Chile, Nicole now resides in Cambodia with her husband.

Nicole received her Master Certification in Feng Shui at the prestigious, gold-level International Feng Shui School and is a Red Ribbon Professional Consultant through the International Feng Shui Guild. In 2017 she became a teacher for the International Feng Shui School and teaches the IFSS 6-day Feng Shui Certification around the world.

In addition to her Feng Shui passion, Nicole has extensive experience in management in the corporate world. She is a certified 500-RYT yoga instructor at Yoga and Meditation Center – Shashi Yoga. In addition to this, Nicole also practices Pranic Healing®and has training in this modality of energy healing.

In her spare time, she loves hanging out at the beach, spending quality time with family and friends and traveling the world.

Through Tree of Life Feng Shui, Nicole’s goal is to use a holistic approach to help people lead happier, healthier and love-filled lives

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