Nicolette Vajtay began her Feng Shui business, Inspired Living Feng Shui in 2003 as a Black-Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui Expert.

She lives and loves and explores and expands her own life path in beautiful Seattle, Washington! While she is physically located in the Pacific Northwest, she consults with clients all over the US, Europe, Australia, Puerto Rico, maybe even with folks on the moon via Skype. It doesn’t matter where you are, Alaska or Africa, Nicolette will share the mystical practice of Feng Shui through the grace of modern technology.

Marrying the principles of Feng Shui, with her 20+ years of spiritual exploration and self empowerment studies, Nicolette facilitates dynamic openings of health, wealth, happiness and love. She incorporates Feng Shui Principle and Ceremony with creative visualization, the Law of Attraction, intention setting, meditation, prayer and chanting to create and realize the expanded life of success and love you so desire.

She earned her Certification with James Jay and Feng Shui Design Inc., and is a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild, the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui. Receiving the Red Ribbon Professional Honor has set a gold standard baseline of Feng Shui knowledge in her practice.

Nicolette continued her studies with Katherine Metz’s Feng Shui Mentorship Program, deepening her knowledge of the sacred and secret practices taught by BTB Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. She traveled to China on an Advanced Feng Shui Immersion Class with teachers James & Helen Jay, visiting sacred sites, exploring the country with Feng Shui eyes and studying with a few well respected Feng Shui Masters. This adventure was a spiritual pilgrimage and an experience of a lifetime!

Earning her Feng Shui & Staging Certification invites Nicolette to support you in buying and selling your home using the principles and sacred ceremonies of Feng Shui.

Nicolette’s YouTube channel is thriving with over 3.2 million views!  You may find her at Inspired Living Feng Shui on YOUTUBE – subscribe and receive her dynamic videos right in your inbox.

Her newsletter is also delivered to your inbox about once a month – sign up from the “pop-up” on her website at Inspired Living Feng Shui, and receive a FREE online Cours on Creating More Love, Sex and Passion with Feng Shui.

Nicolette has also produced five Online Feng Shui Courses interviewing Feng Shui Practitioners across the nation on our deepest desires: Love, Abundance, Creating Success, Growing a Business, and a Master Class on the Feng Shui Bagua with James Jay.  Click on any link below and watch the trailer before purchasing.  Each class is chock full of Feng Shui information and affordable so anyone may dive in and start benefiting from this beautiful practice.

Create More Love, Sex and Passion with Feng Shui
Grow Your Business with Feng Shui
The Wealthy Buddha: Feng Shui Tips to Fatten Your Wallet
Feng Shui Tips to Attract Success
The Bagua: A Master Class with James Jay

If you resonate with Nicolette as a practitioner, please contact her directly – she will gladly offer a 20 minute complimentary conversation where you can decide if you are ready to move forward into an expanding, dynamic life with Feng Shui!

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Feng Shui consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you build the life and space you want.  This includes residential homes and commercial offices and businesses as well as Feng Shui landscapes. The core concepts – from the five elements, energy balance, floor plan analysis, even art selection, room use, and clutter issues – can be addressed and enhanced through hiring a qualified practitioner.

For what to expect during a consultation, read more in this informative article.  Need ideas on what questions to ask your Feng Shui consultant, click here.

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