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I discovered Feng Shui about 25 years ago, in the middle of a thirty-year career in teaching high school English. At the time, I was a divorced single mom of two and wanted to find love again. My first big feng shui a-hah was learning about my Love and Relationship area and realizing there was no physical room for adding a partner to my cramped bedroom. I married a wonderful man a year later. . . .

Purchasing our first home together provided a much bigger opportunity to practice what I had learned from reading dozens of books on feng shui. Over time, we created a home that made our hearts sing. Sometime during this process, I declared that I would become a feng shui consultant after retiring from teaching. I fulfilled this intention a few years later.

Discovering the Western School of Feng Shui seemed like great serendipity. My mother introduced me to Louise Hay in the late 70s and I had followed many authors from Hay House publishing from its inception in the late 80s. When I learned that Louise Hay helped promote Terah Kathryn Collin’s work, the founder of the school, I intuitively knew I had found “my teacher.”

My career as a teacher was motivated by my desire to make a difference in the life of others. I am passionate about helping others learn ways to fulfill their deepest desires in life—something that was always at the heart of my teaching and powerfully underlies my work as a feng shui consultant.

To add an even happier ending to this story, my best friend since high school shared the journey of becoming a feng shui consultant with me and we co-created our business together: Vibrant Spaces: Feng Shui Consulting and Design, LLC. For the past five years, we have enjoyed the great delight of helping our clients see the powerful relationship between their environments and their happiness and take inspired action to transform their lives.

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