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Patti Newton currently offers her Feng Shui Services, Zi Ping 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology Chart Analysis and Tarot Readings remotely by phone and computer.
(802) 254-9600 silvermoona@ymail.com

Feng Shui Services include:
Bagua School Feng Shui Consultations
Floor Plan Analysis
New Buildings
Dowsing and energetic adjustments
(The on site consultations will be available again when the covid19 situation has improved)

“Feng Shui is the Ancient Art and Science of Creating balanced, healthy environments that support the Well-being of the occupants by reducing or eliminating harmful or diminishing effects of the architectural structure of the building, land it is sited on or other sources of negative Chi (energy). Bagua School Feng Shui uses the energetic feng Shui Bagua map to locate the 9 Essential Life areas of the building or room so that enhancements and improvements will be aligned with your intention and purpose.”
“Where Intention goes energy Flows”

Patti Newton Is a High Honors graduate from the class of 2005 a 2 year Associate Certification Program of Internationally recognized Feng Shui Consultant, teacher and renowned author, Carole Hyder’s ‘Wind & Water’ School of Feng Shui.

Chinese Astrology:
Zi Ping 4 Pillar Personal Chinese Astrology Chart analysis
Chinese New Year personal chart comparison and chart analysis – Current- 2021 Year of the Metal Ox
Chart comparison/ compatibility for relationships
Birth Charts for children

“4 Pillars Chinese Astrology Charts provide valuable insights regarding your life path.
The information it provides is Key to acquiring a clearer understanding of all the most crucial aspects of Life. Four Pillars of Destiny is a fascinating Art and a useful tool to help people in a positive way. Good Luck does not realize it’s full potential all by itself. It takes right action at the right time.
In Chinese Metaphysics there are three factors that affect your Luck: Heaven, Earth, and ‘Man’

The Heaven part of our Luck is Destiny and depends on when we are born. This part is covered by astrology. Using this technique, one is able to draw up a blueprint or map of a person’s life.

Feng Shui is part of your Luck because we are affected by our environment.

The Map or Blueprint cannot be changed; it is what we are born with. However, if we understand the information in our chart and take appropriate action, then we will be doing the right thing at the right time and align with the auspicious Chi rather than the challenging energies. When we do this we are better able to overcome obstacles during difficult periods and to grasp opportunity during favorable times.

Tarot Readings:
9 Essential Life Area Tarot Readings
Medicine Wheel 12 Month Tarot/Oracle Readings
3 card Spiritual Counseling Tarot Reading
‘Messages from your Spirit Guides’ 5 deck Oracle Reading
Private Tarot Instruction

Original Tarot and Oracle Decks by Patti Newton
‘The Sanctuary Garden Flower Oracle’ Deck
‘The Dreamland Circus’ Tarot
‘The Gate Keeper Tarot’ Deck

Tarot is a metaphysical tool for personal insight, transformation, and a guide for making creative decisions.

The human experience may present challenges on many levels that may lead to discouragement, confusion, or depression. These feelings can inhibit and even shut down our creative process.

Discovering life areas that may hold stagnant or negative energy allows us to release and transmute it into an experience of forward movement and a more rewarding life experience!

Tarot Readings may offer Insight, Clarity and Guidance! Learning to make rational, educated choices combined with a practical application of intuition is what leads to personal success and self-empowerment in the journey of life!

Website : www.silvermoonvt.com
Metaphysical Supply Store
Sacred Space Fabric Art – Tarot/ Oracle/Divination Cloths by Patti Newton
Crystals and Gemstones
Bach Flower Essence Apothecary
Tarot Accessories
Gemstone Jewelry
Space Clearing Tools
Unique Gifts

Patti is the Director and Instructor of:
‘The Silver Moon School of Feng Shui & Metaphysical studies’
NOTE: The Physical location (29 High Street) in Brattleboro Vermont is permanently closed since March 17 2020 due to the covid19 situation.
I am intending on either offering online classes or creating a new physical location in the future:

The school is registered with the State of Vermont as an Educational Facility which allows students to apply for VSAC non-degree grants for her Certificate Program.
Basic Feng Shui Classes
Many unique Special Topic Classes on Metaphysical subjects
Feng Shui Certificate Program
Distance Learning
Chakra Enhancement Classes
Five Element Studies

‘Silver Moon Adornments’ was a retail establishment that was located in downtown Brattleboro Vermont from 2000 – 2020 (visit the updated website www.silvermoonvt.com)

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