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Serving both New York City and Long Island.

I am a Jersey Girl, born in Newark raised on the Jersey Shore, and educated at Monmouth College,(now Monmouth University) in West Long Branch. I became a nightclub manager at 22 in Asbury Park while working for Bruce Springsteen’s manager. I was involved in the music industry for several years. I moved to Manhattan at 24 and began teaching fitness at the Lotte Berk Method on the East Side; I taught for 7 years. In 1982 I opened Creative Energy Studios (with a partner) at 133 West 72nd Street. In 1984 I started Fitness Concepts for Life a fitness studio at 131 West 72nd Street. In 1987 I partnered with my husband Butch and we created and managed the West 72nd Street Studios rehearsal studios also at 131 West 72nd Street. Since then we have added two more locations and built 47 studios now called the Ripley-Grier Studios with corporate offices at 520 8th Avenue. I am president and CEO. I  continue to instruct fitness classes at Patricia Ripley Fitness at 131 West 72nd Street.

Ten years ago I was studying Feng Shui out of books and built my first rehearsal studio complex based on Feng Shui principles at 520 8th Avenue in 1999. That same year we adopted our daughter Jeannie both events were based on intention.  We moved to Long Beach Long Island in 2002.  We commute to Manhattan.  In 2003 I completed a one year program with the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design/Feng Shui Studies. In 2008 I completed the prestigious three year BTB School of Feng Shui Studies. In addition I have taken seminars with RD Chin and attended workshops with Professor Lin Yun the head master of the BTB School.

In 2009 I taught an introduction to Feng Shui class at the Oceanside Community Program in Oceanside Long Island.  I will be teaching a Feng Shui  workshop on April 26th  entitled “Creating Wealth and Prosperity using Feng Shui” you can email me about this workshop at patripleyny@aol.com  In November of 2009 we closed on a beautiful new house designed with Feng Shui principles.   I am  very experienced and I love my work.  I am available for residential and commercial consultations.   Patricia

Company Name
Ripley-Grier Studios/Patricia Ripley Feng Shui
Ripley-Grier Studios 520 8th Avenue 16th floor, New York, New York 10018
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