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Patsy Balacchi is a certified BTB Feng Shui and Holistic Wellness Consultant. She helps individuals and families transform their wellbeing by bridging the gap between their health and their environment. She blends her 20 years of experience with Energy work, mindfulness practice, essential oils, and flower essences to help clients tap into the energy flow in their homes or offices and incorporate practical solutions to restore health. Her focus is to create harmonious and thriving spaces by removing toxins from the inner-and-outer environment, shifting the energy, and in alignment to her client’s individual needs.

Patsy achieved her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from the Miami International University of Art & Design. She later studied under renowned graphic designer, Milton Glaser at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 2015, she embarked on a journey to pursue her lifelong goal of receiving her certification in BTB Feng Shui under the tutelage of Andie SantoPietro. With her extensive background in art and design, Patsy’s able to integrate her expertise, innate skills, and creativity with the proven wisdom of Feng Shui. 

In 2001, Patsy founded Yantra Design Group, Inc., a multi-disciplinary graphic design company based in Miami, FL. Patsy’s design work has been recognized in leading industry media and trade publications, and her web designs and logos are award-winning.

In 2020, she launched The Zenotica Way – a combined design method to up-level visual brands and workspaces, and by extension create a deep level of connection and harmony within the business and the living environment.

Patsy enjoys bringing her message of high-vibrational living to her audience. She teaches and consults in-person in the Greater Houston area and offers virtual sessions world-wide in English and Spanish.



“Although I had been familiar for Feng Shui and practiced simple principles, I was moved by the breadth and extent of Patsy’s greater understanding and application of precise “cures” to the significant challenges I was at the time facing. I firmly believe that her wisdom and practical tasks began the chain of powerful and rapid transformation that led me to sell my home separate from an unhealthy marriage and move my children to a new state where our lives began to thrive.”  ~ Adora Winquist, Asheville, NC

“When Patsy provided her Feng Shui services for my home a few years back, I assumed it was going to be a simple consultation where she would make suggestions where to optimally reposition our furniture but it was so much more than that. Her in-depth process went as far as asking deep yet discrete personal questions for each family member in my household before she even looked at our overall layout of the house. This was in effort to get to the root of our natural energy flow and family dynamics. Before she even visited our physical space, she had intuitively gathered our soul-prints that make up our home. Patsy’s passion and eye for detail along with her work is best experienced first-hand. She has left a lasting impact on my family and she is committed to do the same for you.” ~ Herman Olivera III, Life & Business Coach, CT

“I am always drawn to teachers who have a passion for their work and whose passion is strongly rooted in deep skill and knowledge. This is Patsy Balacchi, Feng Shui teacher and practitioner. She shares generously, listens with both her mind and her heart, and leads you to make the changes that fit your home or office to bring harmony and balance while optimizing potential. Patsy helped me make several significant changes in my wellness center that shifted the energy immediately. People noticed and were drawn to return. Patsy is a valuable resource and an amazing woman. Her devotion to serve and to spread peace and harmony through Feng Shui inspires and challenges others to do the same.” ~ Rosa Glenn Reilly Spectrum Center Director & Founder, Houston, TX

“Patsy Balacchi performed a Feng Shui assessment and provided suggestions for my home. I simply cannot recommend her enough. I am amazed at how the changes she recommended not only made a marked improvement in the overall “feel” of my home but also the mood and disposition of my teenage son. My home feels lighter and more welcoming and my son is more relaxed and at ease. Patsy is truly gifted and brings her talent and experience in a caring nurturing fashion. I am so grateful for her help!” ~ Mayra Powers, Houston TX

“I had such a good experience at Patsy’s Feng Shui class. Her presentation was beautiful, clear, and full of wise thoughts. Patsy not only shared her knowledge about Feng Shui but also her wisdom and intuition about life.” ~ Ana Goncalves, Houston TX

“I can’t think of anyone I would trust more to open this part of myself to and trust to guide me.” ~ Dr. Dava Michelson, Acupuncture Physician D.M.Q., Miami FL

I look forward to connecting and assisting you in creating a space where more peace, love, and abundance can blossom and prosper in your life. ~ Patsy

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