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What a joy to help people sort out their lives and create more peace, beauty and joy for themselves.   I began studying in 1994; first workshop on Sanibel Island where I worked as an Interior Designer, and continued, traveling primarily to CA and NY for classes.  A highlight was a week at Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu NM where I learned complementary skills, such as talking to divas to clear bugs off a property from Richard Feather Anderson.  I am happy to share details.  Black Sect Tantric Feng Shui is the school I resonate with as H.H. Professor Lin Yun, the founder, supported using intuition.  Right brain people are more likely to be my clients.  My first professional talk was in Detroit to a group at The United Way in 1998.

Clutter clearing is the first step to take, preparing your home for uplifting energy.  I have published 20 articles in print magazines in Florida, Virginia and Canada.  My clients span the U.S.A. from VA to CA, reaching to the Bahamas, and FL to MI……places I have consulted and taught in person.  Feng Shui was a natural progression from Interior Design, and the next step was painting which I began in 2008.

Peggy –Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your program on Feng Shui. You tied the Cayce materials in beautifully, with lovely examples from the readings and advise for practical application. I learned more about using Feng Shui in your four hour program than the stack of books I have been reading for years. And had fun going home and fixing some of my problem areas.  Thank you so much for your excellent teaching.

Alison Ray, Marketing and Public Information Manager, Association for Research and Enlightenment Virginia Beach, VA

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