Ever heard the words feng shui and wondered to yourself….feng schwat?!   Is it magic?  Is it superstition? Are you curious to learn the answers?  I can help you with that!

People like to talk to me about 3 things; money career and love – if they’ve got it how do they get more and if they don’t got how do they get it?

I work with clients in their homes offices businesses and even corporate cubes and teach them how Feng Shui shows up and supports them in their every day lives.

During our consultation we’ll focus on your specific needs and wants and address them using feng shui disciplines.  You can immediately begin applying them to your own life for real results. And oh yeah there is a ton of fun and laughter!

I have been studying implementing and obsessing over feng shui since the dawn of the new millennium.  As a former corporate addict I have feng shui’d corporate cubes all over the Kansas City metro area and beyond.  I made it official and got my BTB certification in 2012.  I live in Lenexa with Bob my husband and feng shui partner-in-crime.

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Robyn Stevens Feng Shui
13313 West 80th Terrace, Lenexa, Kansas 66215

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