About Me

As a licensed Interior Architect Feng Shui Master and LEED AP Lee combines the best of technical design skills with sustainable design to create spaces that help her clients live better lives.

Combining these skills S Lee Wright offers a bespoke Design-It-With-You approach to her clients to create spaces that are a reflection of the people that live and work in them.  Each consultation is specialized to the individual client’s needs and can be done in person or virtually.

With a global client list that continues to grow Lee has created award-winning designs in both the USA and Europe. Lee is currently located in San Sebastian Spain working on her books creating specialized retreats and working with her clients virtually.

Lee believes that the world will transform into a healthier and happier place once people are realigned with the interconnection between our interior environments and our exterior ones. Her vision is to help as many people as possible to understand the power of space to enhance and enrich their lives.  Her mission is to teach them how to do this for themselves.


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Holistic Inner Designs, S. Lee Wright Ltd.
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63 Pearl Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201
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