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Before Feng Shui                               

For over 20 years I worked in sales and marketing.

Although I enjoyed success in that career, I had a desire to pursue a more creative path.

And, I needed a change—to reduce my stress levels, to break some bad habits, to understand myself better.

I wanted to focus on creating “my space”, to have more quality time for myself, and to feel more comfortable at home.

 My Soul Is Energized

In childhood I learned a love of home decorating at the side of my very creative mother. We spent many hours together designing, painting, moving furniture, and hunting down treasures.

I also had a fascination with personal psychology.

My interest in the magic of transformative decorating and in psychology eventually met in the middle: I’m naturally curious and I have always been interested in people and what makes us different, and yet, in many ways, the same.

Questions like “What makes us happy?”, “Why do we like certain colors?”, and “Why do some houses feel dreary and sad while others draw us in and make us comfortable?” were always popping into my head. I wondered why some people liked to live near water, in a warm climate, or by the mountains?

And my list went on and on…  Eventually, as my curiosity grew, I was eager to solve design problems in the homes of family & friends, and to make their spaces more comfortable and inviting.

Through my curiosity, my interest in personal psychology, and my love of decorating, I eventually discovered Feng Shui. As I integrated Feng Shui concepts into my life and my room designs, I began to experience both internal and external changes.

I was amazed!

My mental and emotional shifts began to positively shape my daily life! In Feng Shui I learned that we create spaces for comfort, for our satisfaction, AND for our growth… we create spaces where we can THRIVE!

Transforming with Ease

In my consultation process, I blend traditional Feng Shui methods, modern behavioral coaching techniques, and personalized design strategies to achieve the most effective transformations for each individual, family, and business.


My purpose and passion are simply: to educate and inspire others to transform their surroundings and to, as a result, experience positive changes in their personal and professional lives. I believe self knowledge and personal empowerment are valuable tools each of us can benefit from owning. 

Our lives are filled with changes. Often these changes are subtle… sometimes they are expected – a new job, children going off to school… or they may be nagging issues that don’t seem to go away. There can also be unforeseen and auspicious events that come our way.

Feng Shui awareness embraces all aspects of our life and helps us create our home to be comfortable, beautiful, and supportive so we can easily and creatively adapt through every day of our life’s journey.

Feng Shui is simple, and yet, complex. It is possible to study it for a lifetime and continually learn. You don’t have to become a Master at Feng Shui to reap the benefits of this ancient wisdom… you can start to benefit from right where you are today.

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner 2005

Certified Interior Alignment Practitioner 2007

Certified Life Coach 2013

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