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Sharon’s interest in Feng Shui began when she lived in the NY metro area during the 1990’s. With the guidance of several Feng Shui books of the time, she space cleared her own homes and learned how to auspiciously arrange her living environment. Her lifelong interest in Asian culture led her and her family to relocate to Tokyo then Hong Kong.  Once there, she was enraptured by the widespread use of Feng Shui on every level and it’s subsequent effectiveness. This she did not need to be convinced. Sharon continued to apply Feng Shui while living in Northern California and in South Texas.

Her work explores many different aspects of working with Feng Shui in the home and office. She applies her knowledge of real estate and helps clients find the area they would like to improve, apply Feng Shui balancing energies and realize the results of their true potential.

Sharon’s love of Feng Shui and real estate in the natural world is evident in nearly all of her endeavors.

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Conscious Holistic Healing Events LLC
San Antonio, Texas 78253
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