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I Love Beautiful Things, and Making Things Beautiful.

In 1984, I became a cosmetologist.  Seeing the transformation in someone who made a bold choice to change their appearance was very powerful.  I saw the positive impact that one change had on them, which created momentum. With this newfound confidence, they continued to make bold choices in other areas.

I later found myself  more interested in creating beautiful spaces.  Not ones that just looked beautiful, but ones arranged with intention.  Describing this to a friend, she explained that I was intuitively practicing feng shui.  I had heard the term, but never fully understood the principles or how to apply them.  This led me to The Western School of Feng Shui™.  I became immersed in the details of this over 4,000 year old practice and knew I had found my next adventure.

I’m now helping to create spaces that support a more inspired life.  Clients telling me they love the new space we’ve created and how it’s improved the quality of their life, is why I love this practice.

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