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Sharon Wunder – the Conspire Design Method™

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I help women entrepreneurs and small business owners who are also balancing their personal life with families and are feeling stuck, self-sabotaging, and struggling around purpose, money, and success.

Together with sister Feng Shui and some cray cray easy energy work using an energy frequency quantum device – we can create space in your lives to allow clarity, prosperity, and abundance to flow in.

This whimsical and modern mix of suave and creatively touchable form of unique Feng Shui is called “the Conspire Design Method”.

The Conspire Design Method focuses on 9 areas and 5 elements of your personal and professional life to hold you in a supportive space for success – even through your daily struggles and mindset messes!  ‘Tis true!  I vouch because it happened to me with this positively visual awareness practice.

It’s time to transform

Your environment is already conspiring for your utmost best life and is tapping its foot patiently waiting for you to understand its been there all along to support you in so many beautiful forms.

Could it be time for you to learn its love language?

Work with me and see how just even tiny shifts of alignment and energy open up amazing new opportunities in wealth, health, relationships, and creativity.

Does your business have a clientele that would also enjoy learning more about how energy work and Feng Shui can work for them? Here are some others that have enjoyed my services to help you brainstorm supporting your own customers:

  • Parenting
  • Children (and the sometimes overwhelming Terrible Teens Stage)
  • Dorm’s and Small Spaces
  • Educators and Classrooms
  • Real Estate Staging (starting with the items you already have)
  • Relationships
  • Mid-life transitions
  • Empty Nesters and Downsizing

I can provide workshops for any of the above for your business clientele.  Here’s a sneek peek of just a few I love to offer:

  • Feng Shui 101 – What is it, hows it work, how to apply it in your own life
  • Journaling with the Bagua “Life Map” for more Growth, Reflection, Passion, Purpose, and Creativity
  • Fashion Feng Shui
  • What Energy do YOU Bring into A Space? – the 5 personalities of Feng Shui
  • How to decide if you should stay, or move – Real Estate’s purpose and Real Estate Staging 101
  • Kids and Feng Shui – How to promote a safe space for growth, learning, success, and self love
  • Relationship Hacks for Lovers
  • Photography and Feng Shui
  • Biophilia and Feng Shui – The twins of living with Nature and Sensory Experiences in an interior
  • How to bring tranquility to a space
  • De-Cluttering Remote Online Supportive Group Work Days – release and realign in a fun group and timed competitions
  • Space Clearing and Geopathy stress – How Remote Energy Frequency Protection Programs can work for you
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness – Remote Energy Frequency Broadcasts for holistic balance.

I’d like to share the wonders of this method with you. Book your complimentary 20-minute discovery session to get started.


My genealogy would show a straight line to Wonder Woman, not only in namesake but in what she stands for – all while in those boots!!! Oh my!

Art could have been my middle name. I was raised on crayons the color of periwinkle and burnt sienna, my fav’ mentors were my art teachers.  However, Rae will suffice as a symbol of my sunny disposition.

One of my favorite places to hang out is the “Creativity area” of my life and home. I adore teaching business owners, artists, new thought leaders, and change-makers how their spaces reflect their passions and purpose in life for more abundant living.

This practice has opened doors and brought growth and peace for me in my life and in my own photography business, including an Alexa app where I share tips for living a positive life using your spaces and places for optimum support.

I’m a Red Ribbon Practitioner with the International Feng Shui Guil with a BA in Interior Design, certification in Bioliphic Design, alumni and facilitator at the Western School of Feng Shui and the WSFS Speaker’s Bureau. Recently I was given the honor of one of Ayrial’s 5 most influential Lifestyle Consultants to watch in 2020.

As a photographer, I’ve received opportunities to show portrait and fine art pieces in the Metro Denver area.  The secret sauce? You got it – blending Feng Shui with the client’s personality, style, and environment for that perfect balance. (Personal Brand, Headshot, and Portrait sessions are available in Denver and she also travels to locations.)

“During our visit, we shared perspective on my work and personal intentions to gain clarity then how to best use available environments as tools to support those goals. It’s a gift to be able to communicate what a space needs to fully reflect who a person is authentically – Sharon does this effortlessly.” – Roxanne, client

Book your complimentary 20-minute discovery session

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