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Sharon Wunder – Conspire Design Method™

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Your environment is already conspiring for your utmost best life and is tapping its foot patiently waiting for you to understand its been there all along to support you in one form or another. Could it be time for you to learn its love language? Learn how with Sharon Wunder and the Conspire Design Method™ of Feng Shui.

Offering home and office holistic interior design enhancements using adaptations of Form School, Essential Feng Shui© foundations, intentional design, design psychology, nature’s patterns, and mindfulness. 

Well versed in providing collaborations with tranquility, prosperity, and ease amongst:

  • Parenting
  • Children and teens
  • Educators and Classrooms
  • Dorm’s and small spaces
  • Real estate staging starting with  the items you already have
  • First home living arrangements
  • Mid-life transitions
  • Empty Nesters and Downsizing
  • Art readings
  • Environmental body language for portraits and personal branding online

One of my favorite places to hang out in is the “Creativity area” of my life and home. I adore teaching artists, new thought leaders, and change-makers how their spaces reflect their passions and purpose in life.

This practice has opened doors and brought growth and peace for me in my life and in my own photography business, including an Alexa app where I share tips for living a positive life using your spaces and places for optimum support.

I’d like to share the wonders of this method with you. Book your complimentary 20-minute discovery session to get started.

Sharon holds a BA in Interior Design, is certified in Bioliphic Design, alumni and facilitator at the Western School of Feng Shui and part of their Speaker’s Bureau. Sharon was recently given the honor of one of Ayrial’s 5 most influential Lifestyle Consultants to watch in 2020.

As a photographer, she has been honored with nominations with her portrait and fine art pieces with items hung in photography shows in the Metro Denver area.  Her secret sauce? You got it – blending Feng Shui with the client’s personality, style, and environment for that perfect balance. Personal Brand, Headshot, and Portrait sessions are available in Denver and she also travels to locations.

“During our visit, we shared perspective on my work and personal intentions to gain clarity then how to best use available environments as tools to support those goals. It’s a gift to be able to communicate what a space needs to fully reflect who a person is authentically – Sharon does this effortlessly.” – Roxanne, client

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