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Residential ~ Commercial ~ Real Estate

I’m a former government analyst and real estate administrative professional trained in Classical Feng Shui, as well as modern-day interior design.

I specialize in co-creating interior spaces with my clients that are visually beautiful but also FEEL good.

Ask yourself: “How do I *feel* in my home or office?

When you (or your family or clients) feel good in your home or office, this boosts the overall sense of happiness and well-being of all.

For families and individuals, this means your creativity has room to expand, and your life flows smoother because you simply feel better!

For businesses, watch productivity and revenue increase!

RESIDENTIAL- remodeling, relocation, redesign, sourcing furniture and materials, organizing, interior and exterior color selection, landscape planning, space planning, interior decorating, site development.

BUSINESS- location selection, store fronts, marketing materials, space planning, color & material selection, signage.

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION- Take a conscious role in manifesting your dreams and achieving your goals through iconology and intention, Feng Shui, the emotional support of aromatherapy, and delving into your most precious desires.

REAL ESTATE MARKETING- Staging, real estate office design, model home complexes, open houses, marketing materials, signage routes, site and community design, landscape planning.


“I have been interested in feng shui for many years, and Stephanie has always been there as a resource and a guide. Most recently, she helped me with a problem of too much water in my bedroom, and I was truly drowning in my relationship!! After following her suggestions to rebalance my elements there, I met my future husband just a few weeks later! Additionally, Stephanie introduced me to essential oils, which I found to be a very useful tool in managing my emotional and spiritual life. I am incredibly blessed to have had Stephanie’s help in my life!” -Julia C.

“I have had amazing results each time Stephanie has performed her abilities to Feng Shui my domicile. I had immediate wonderful results with my personal life after Stephanie changed the energy flow of my home. She is an extremely knowledgeable and has a great intuitive ability to ask the right questions. If you have never had an expert like Stephanie Feng Shui your home, be prepared to be amazed as I was with her ability. ” -Michael M.

Remote consultations available.

Please contact me with any questions, or to schedule a consultation or interview: (628) 502-3777

Cost: By the Hour, Room, or Square Foot

All Budgets Welcome!

I look forward to creating with you!

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