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I have 25 years experience as a healer, feng shui, space clearing & geomancy consultant and shamanic practitioner. I facilitate deep transformation for people and places with a holistic approach to feng shui. I offer consultations globally online –  for homes as ‘the home healer’ and businesses  as ‘Professional Harmony’ – and in person when possible. I have an office in London, Uk and Lisbon, Portugal.

I teach a comprehensive space clearing & geomancy course with my training school: ‘The Modern Shaman Academy’.

Thorough, grounded and passionate about transformation, I have over 20 yearsexperience as a feng shui practitioner. I put my heart and soul into my work so you can expect noticeable results!

I take a holistic approach, adding modern healthy home techniques (EMFs), and land harmonisation to my classical feng shui consultations, which include:

  • An initial consultation to establish your needs & the layout of the building.
  • A comprehensive report with diagrams; an exploration of classical and ‘intuitive’ feng shui for your home or business; and a summary of practical recommendations for you to implement. 
  • A phone or zoom chat for a debrief consultation to discuss & clarify any questions you may have about the report, after you have received it. 

I also offer deep space clearing ceremonies – cleansing the energy of the past & previous occupiers, supporting you to move forwards with clarity & optimism.

I am a former member of the UK Feng Shui Society committee and continue to study with world-class teachers. I have supported clients in every imaginable space and have many testimonials. Based between London and Lisbon, I work with clients in person in the UK & Europe and globally online.

Residential feng shui: I offer practical solutions to harmonise your home and support health, relationships, wealth and happiness.

Business feng shui: Practical, effective, business-focused recommendations that support success and expansion, help maximise potential revenues and improve staff and customer relations.

Feng shui garden design: I work with you to create a beautiful garden that is in harmony with your home and lifestyle.

Feng Shui to sell a houseHighlighting the best features of the house, and remedying any feng shui issues, maximising the appeal to potential buyers.

Feng Shui new build: Applying feng shui principles to the design of a building, ensuring the most harmonious and supportive environment for homes and businesses.

Other services:

• Space clearing ceremonies

• Professional training in space clearing 

Home Office Feng Shui Masterclass – online class for business teams

• Land healing – harmonizing earth energies

Book a chat to discuss your situation: https://firehorse.youcanbook.me/

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