Have you ever felt there was more to life than what we are led to believe? Have you felt there was more to see than what we can see with our physical eyes?

In the old days, when my parents were growing up in China, feng shui was taught as if you were learning English or Math in elementary schools. Today, there is no knowledge of it; and it is no longer taught in schools. The government decided they didn’t want their own citizens playing around with their own destinies.

Generation of feng shui wisdom runs through my blood. I started practicing feng shui before I even know what the heck it was. My parents indulged me when I was a kid because they understood it. I thought I was just playing, changing things up to make the home more comfy (for me).

Today, I blend Feng Shui, Crystals, Shamanism, and Bazi in my consultations. Four different, yet four not so different modalities.

Feng Shui is the study of everything around us. Crystals, a gift from Nature, bridge our internal and external world. Shamanism, a tool that each one of us possess, bridge our internal and external world as well. Bazi is the study of you and me, us, internally.

Four completely different systems (or modalities), yet four so connected as well.

A comprehensive system to help you realign your life, get you unstuck, and moving forward again.


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Feng Shui consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you build the life and space you want.  This includes residential homes and commercial offices and businesses as well as Feng Shui landscapes. The core concepts – from the five elements, energy balance, floor plan analysis, even art selection, room use, and clutter issues – can be addressed and enhanced through hiring a qualified practitioner.

For what to expect during a consultation, read more in this informative article.  Need ideas on what questions to ask your Feng Shui consultant, click here.

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