About Me

I became hooked on feng shui from the moment I learned of it in the 1990s. It was enlightening to see how our environments influence our lives and vice versa. I found it empowering and when I saw the impact feng shui adjustments made in my life, there was no going back!

Over the years, I took a variety of basic feng shui classes and read countless books. Finally, I realized it was time to get serious. I started by studying classical feng shui under Roger Green and was certified at the New York School of Feng Shui.  After I received my certification, I decided to explore BTB feng shui. I studied with  Maureen Calamia at the Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School and received my certification from there as well. 

Because clutter lowers the energy in our homes and has such a detrimental impact on our lives, and because I absolutely love helping people declutter, I offer an optional decluttering package to my clients. 

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Healing Homes Feng Shui
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
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