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Terri is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant. Previously Terri worked as a writer and editor authoring many best-selling self-help books booklets and articles on topics related to recovering from all kinds of ills and experiences that a life’s journey might encounter. As her words were published and sent out into the world she considered it a sacred responsibility to contribute only positive true honest and most importantly helpful information.

Terri was interested in Feng Shui for many years before embarking on her certification (from the East Coast Academy of Feng Shui) consulting work and writing about it. She has always felt sensitive to places inexplicably drawn to some and repulsed by others having moved many times and felt many different vibes in the places she has called home. Nudged to grow in certain areas of her life and forced to confront old blockages of energy within herself she knows that unseen and unattended issues don’t go away by themselves; we have to bring them out into the light and deal with them one way or another. We have to heal wounds abandon lost causes and welcome whatever takes us to the next lesson the next step toward our highest best selves and lives. All of that becomes a lot easier when we’re not fighting the energy in our physical surroundings but rather listening to it letting it tell us where the problems are and what we need to rectify for the energy to flow easily and naturally around and through us and our lives. Terri helps clients do that through personal consultations and her writings on Feng Shui. Her blog posts will be collectively published as a book This Feng Shui Life.

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