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Tricia grew up in South Carolina, has a BS in Chemistry from Presbyterian College and completed graduate work under full stipend in Biochemistry at Georgia Tech. A desire to engage with people brought her out of the labs and into a very successful career in the wine industry where she spent nearly a decade selling wine to many of Manhattan’s top restaurants and touring vineyards around the world. She moved with her family from New York City to Naples in 2006.

A consummate professional with detailed market knowledge, Tricia also brings sincerity and an element of humanity to the business of buying and selling real estate. She always places her clients’ interests above all other considerations, and is dedicated to their needs throughout and after the real estate experience. Tricia graduated from the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui in St. Petersburg, and uses this knowledge of Feng Shui to help Sellers eliminate any bad or harmful impacts their home environment may subconsciously have on Buyers, so that their homes will sell more quickly. She also offers Feng Shui consultations to any of her clients to enhance their home environment to acquire more comfort and happiness, or improve a specific area of their lives.

Tricia is an integral part of Naples’ community and has three wonderful children – Hutton, Kiersten, and McClain.

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Realtor with John R. Wood Properties
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