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Vicky at Feng Shui Life is a feng shui and space clearing earth alchemy consultant working with the energies of homes, offices and land.


She offers her expertise to a wide client base and is well known for the “magic” she creates when working with the land, with her traditional Celtic traditions of connecting to the land and energies of homes and offices.


She originated from North Wales and grew up knowing about the energies of time and space, the elementals, mother earth and the Celtic traditions of respecting and honouring the places we choose to live and work.


Today when people are making lifestyle changes to their lives.with working from home.   Vicky will work remotely with the energy of the land, home or office before people purchase their properties or renovate or start building projects or make any changes.  When people want to move and have problems selling the property Vicky can work her “magic” to help it happen.


She will also carry out an EMF/Wifii survey of the property to detect where the wifii could have an effect of where people are sleeping, sitting and working on a daily basis, which could have an effect on wellbeing, family and working.


Vicky’s Feng Shui consultation covers San Yuan Compass 24 mountains Eight mansions Flying Star analysis, Form School Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia,  Feng Shui Symbology and Peach Blossom Luck for Romance.


Vicky has trained in Feng Shui with Joey Yap at the Mastery Academy of Metaphysics Malaysia Denise Linn in California and Robert Gray in the UK Alan Stirling and William Spear and is a Shamanic Consultant trained at Warrior to the Heart, Glastonbury UK,  Akashic Records training in Bali . She is a professional Dowser with the British Society of Dowsers and consults in Earth energies, water, archaeology and health dowsing.


She is the Events Organiser for the Feng Shui Society in the UK  and sits on the Executive Committee.


She offers an accredited Foundation course and Feng Shui Practitioner course in Feng Shui and is a qualified City and Guilds  teacher and has been teaching since 2000.


Vicky offers a variety of Feng Shui subjects and related topics from one day workshops to 6 day practitioner courses in Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy and the Akashic Connections  Practitioner Course in Mayfair and Islington London.


She teaches and consults and teaches at the College of Psychic Studies South Kensington London and teaches for the School of Intution London.  She offers consultations in the Akashic Records via skype, phone or face to face.

Check out my websites under course listings for feng shui  and www.vickysweetlove.comand  www.fengshuilife.co.uk


She has corporate and residential clients in the UK Spain India Greece France Hong Kong Cyprus New Zealand Costa Rica and the USA.


Vicky writes articles on Feng Shui and related topics for various UK magazines and is the Feng Shui Expert writing the Q&A for Spirit and Destiny magazine in the UK..


She has appeared on Sky One The Living Channel BBC2 and More 4.

Vicky is one of 44 authors in Reluctantly Psychic released on Amazon 2020.

Her latest publication is the Alchemist Wisdom Oracle cards wisdom from the Akashic Records available at www.vickysweetlove.com


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Feng Shui for your home

I attended this one day online course last weekend….so much information! Amazing. Vicky came to my home 6 years ago and cleared my home and set up the directions for me. My home has always supported me since then. This one day course opened my eyes so much, each year it is so important to make small changes in your hometo embrace the frequencies of the flying stars.
From now on I will attend each year so my home and I occupy the right energy alignments

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