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Having a long and highly successful career in education, rising to posts as Director of Schools (School District Superintendent) and Managing Director of one of the UK’s largest independent education companies, I entered on a second career path initially in landscape design with the British Academy of Garden Design. From this, my  interest travelled into Japanese Garden Design and Feng Shui for the Garden. Through committing time and energy to this very exciting area of work, I followed my passion into the world of Feng Shui, coming to understand how the power of Yin and Yang, our natural energies and the strength of the elements brings harmony and balance to the home,  garden and our lives.

Qualifying through the London School of Feng Shui, I have studied both Classical Form and more modern Three Door schools of Feng Shui. In addition I have also pursued a number of dedicated areas of specific study on casting the I Ching and working through the Sound Academy to add the benefits 0f healing through Crystals Bowls and Tuning Forks to my work.

Having spent many years in commerce and sharing in the joys of a large family of five children, I believe I bring to my work a particular insight into understanding the aspirations and challenges we all face today in balancing the expectations of a busy personal and professional life. Be it you wanting to find a way through  personal targets, re-organising your home, finding a partner in life, selling your home or simply finding some clarity and peace in your life, I welcome the opportunity to be alongside you to identify how we can work together on your journey.

Making Space for Your Life


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