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Wendy McKenzie is passionate about teaching the philosophy of Feng Shui to interested individuals. She wants every participant to experience the beauty of incorporating the Feng Shui philosophy into Floral Design. Wendy was inspired to learn about Floral Design while as a Senior Public Health Advisor. In her work, she observed the different medical conditions that communities around the city experienced. She perceived a severe lack of incorporating spiritual and emotional wellness and was inspired to learn Feng Shui holistic philosophies.

Wendy’s ongoing years of mentoring as a Feng Shui consultant and practicing as a Floral Designer culminated in creating and teaching Feng Shui Floral workshops. The workshops provide a space for individuals to express themselves by incorporating the five elements to create floricultural designs.

General Class Description
Feng Shui Florals is a hands-on workshop merging the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui; Floral Essence; and Personalized Floral Style. These three branches integrate through utilizing the 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, and their corresponding climate seasons. Materials are chosen in accordance with the complimentary floral essence and in-season blooms.

Feng Shui Florals is informed by the Buddhist philosophy of the oneness of the Self and the Environment.

Wendy is one of Master Thomas Lin Yun’s students trained in the Black Hat Tantric Tibetan School of Feng Shui. She went on to study floral design at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Highlight: One of Wendy’s most memorable and rewarding experiences was when she conducted workshops in Gitega and Bujumbura, in Burundi, Central Africa, where she used Feng Shui Florals as an art form to positively affect Civil War survivors. Here Wendy leveraged her many years of social work experience to provide caring and comprehensive support for workshop participants.

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