Akashic Records Practitioner Course

Akashic Connections Practitioner Course with Vicky Sweetlove This is the next step to connect to the Akashic Records of the home and land and the reason for living in that particular town, country or world location. This is a follow on practitioner course to the Feng Shui and the Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy and is also a stand alone course that will help you have a greater intuitive connection to your clients and their homes and businesses You will gain deeper insights into what is happening for your clients and to connecting to the Akashic Records the universal energies and know how to seek advice for you and others, for relationships, wealth, health and career. The course will cover shamanic journeying for inner knowledge with your Akashic guides for your own self healing and how to work with your clients with changing their past, to create new directions and a great future. You will gain tools in journeying to use with your clients as well as knowing how to open the records for yourself, your clients and the homes and land you visit. This can be vital for more information when carrying out a feng shui consultation land survey. The course is currently in Central London  over 3 weekends. . Email: Vicky for more information vickysweetlove@vickysweeetlove.com http://www.fengshuilife.co.uk

Vicky Sweetlove

Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui is founded by Vicky Sweetlove, she combines her knowledge of feng shui with dowsing, space clearing and earth alchemy and has created the Feng Shui Practitioner Course Programme to be completed over a period of 2 years. The course takes in the core principles of feng shui plus extra training in working with the personal Bazi c […]
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