There is more to creating spaces than walls and roofs. If you are interested in creating spaces that intentionally support people and their lives and well-being, I offer many learning opportunities which come with AIA HSW Learning Units. You can have me train you or your entire staff, a project team, or a several folks at different locations around the world – it’s all online but instructor-led presentation to ensure your very best learning experience.

Feng Shui Friendly Design is an AIA accredited 8-hour ONLINE Instructor-Led World Class Workshop that provides both the required ADA/Barrier Free and Sustainability training credits. In one day you are given exactly the information you need as an architect to incorporate supportive Feng Shui principles into your designs. Furthermore, with the superstition that is sometimes connected to what is not understood, you will have a thorough grasp of the principles needed to field clients’ Feng Shui questions that are fraught with glamour or even simple naivetĂ©. (No, triangular rooms are not a good idea. Yes, we can add a fountain.) Your wisdom keeps projects in focus and on budget, while the client honors you as the wise leader of the creation process because they feel you have honored their needs. You will make them feel both “felt” and “heard.”

Also valid for ASID Interior Designer continuing education requirements.

Trisha Keel