A feng shui course to elevate the nine essential areas of your home . . . and life!

Is your space supporting you and your goals?

Do you know there is an ancient art/practice to bring your space, goals, and life into harmony by balancing energy?

Are you wanting to incorporate feng shui into your space but don’t know how to get started?


This is an online self-paced course allowing you to explore your space (home or business) in 9 phases. Start from the beginning, to work through the chapters and your space, or jump right in to work on the areas of your home, or life, that are calling your attention now. You can always go back to the others when you are ready.

Each 1-hour video will invite you to identify the sector in your home, observe this physical space through guided meditation, reflect on the story it’s telling, then ask you to clarify right-action steps to assist in shifting the energy in the physical space which will in-turn shift the energy in your life.

I’ll be making professional recommendations to assist you in enhancing your space with new awareness and key design elements, such as decor and color. You will then be prompted to create an art card to awaken your sacred space—bringing attention to your intentions. Additional aspects to explore allows you to delve deeper into the core of how each of these nine aspects has manifested, inspiring you to redirect your own story to be more proactive in the co-creation of your life.

This self-paced Feng Shui Course is for YOU if . . .

  • you are a feng shui beginner, dabbler or enthusiast
  • you are sensitive to your environment, as well as the needs of you and your loved ones
  • you desire a more harmonious living and working environment
  • you want more than just a beautiful space—it must feel good, too
  • you are ready to make some changes in your life
  • you like to do things at your own pace
  • you really enjoy exploring new ideas
  • you get that there is more to life that what’s on the surface

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Tina Falk

Interested in Feng Shui + want to learn more? Whether you are seeking to add feng shui to your current toolkit, change careers, or just dive in because you know it’s a life changer, this intensive will feed your mind, body, soul and spirit. It’s not about skimming the surface of feng shui. The power of its true expression is found in the depth of its ancient or […]
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