Your Go To Resource for All Things Crystals ??

Greetings! Salutation! Hola! Welcome! So happy you are checking us out. I hope you join us in CRYSTAL REPOSITORY…an online space for you to learn all about CRYSTALS!!!

The repository is set up to be like a LIBRARY minus the shhh-ing.

In this repository, we have…

  • An INDEX that list all the crystal topics such as…

?Crystal Dictionary – A whole section on just crystals and their properties, alphabetized of course, from A to Z.

?Crystals for Your Health – What crystals to use for what health challenges and how to use them.

?Crystals & Feng Shui – Crystals & the Guas, Crystals & Bazi, Crystals & the Elements, & More!!!

?Crystals for Your Pets – What crystals to help your pets and where to place them.

?& lots, lots, lots more!!! This is literally just the tip of the iceberg!!!

In this repository, we also have…

  • A member only area where each member gets something like a cubby hole, a place for you to ask questions, post, & be able to go back to it at any time.

Join us in the Crystal Repository, a membership site dedicated to all things crystals and then some!!



Susan M. Chu

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