Feng Shui for Spas, Healers, Yoga Studios, Doctors, online

​Are you an acupuncturist, spa owner, healer or an M.D. who would like to enhance your practice by creating an environment that is healing, relaxing and rejuvenating? Would you like to learn about Feng Shui techniques that will help your business become more financially lucrative?

112 minutes in 2 sessions online

This course is for you if you are…

  • Interested in learning about how your environment can promote well being and recovery​
  • A business owner of a spa or healthcare facility and would like to create a more welcoming and healing environment
  • Looking to open a new practice and would like to apply Feng Shui principles that will help grow your business
  • A healthcare practitioner or business owner who is suffering financially
  • A Feng Shui practitioner who would like to apply Feng Shui principles to healing spaces


About Judith Wendell
Judith is the founder of SACRED CURRENTS: a company dedicated to creating vital and thriving environments. Judith offers her expertise to corporate and private clients alike. She is equally comfortable at home advising on large business premises or small studio apartments – working comfortably from architectural drawings or on-site. Judith holds a 3-year accredited degree from the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, formed at the request of Professor Lin Yun, distinguished philosopher and foremost authority on Feng Shui.

​She holds a BS in Fashion Merchandising and has enjoyed a prosperous career in marketing and product development. Judith brings her lifelong interest in interior design and architecture to her work, recognizing that beauty and order are integral to well-being. She is available for residential, corporate and retail consultations.​

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