Charts & assignments, 50-minute video webinar. Immediate download.

Module includes over 80 pages of content, 50-minute video with detailed instruction and an assignment worksheet.

Special Bonus: Fire Element lesson!

  • Introduction to the I-Ching
    • Origins
    • King Wen and the 64 Hexagrams
    • Why consult the I-Ching
    • Process & Interpretation
  • 9 Star Ki Astrology Introduction
    • The Elements within us
    • How to Identify your Clients’ Elements
    • How to help your Clients
  • Overview of 9 Star Ki
    • Determine Your Element
    • Principle, Character, and Energetic Numbers
    • How to Review Compatibility
    • 9 Year Cycles
    • 9 Month Cycles
  • The Fire Element – In nature, in our homes and in our souls (personality and energetic traits)
Maureen Calamia

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