This Live Online Course is taught by Maureen Calamia in a virtual class. Open to seekers + those who want to become an Earth Energy Practitioner.

 3-Month Course or 6-Month Certification ←

  • Get in touch with your Inner ability to detect where the land is healthy and where needs to be healed
  • Develop your own unique way of detecting flourishing, vital, healthy, energy as well as impoverished, weak, broken energy that needs intervention
  • Learn a multitude of techniques to heal and enhance energy of the land
  • Identify happy spots/power spots, nature temples for healing and for meditation and creating sacred space
  • Connect to something deep inside of each of us and awaken our ancient, dormant gifts
  • Read the consciousness and power of place and the impact of it
  • Nourish our own elemental spirit and enrich every day life
  • Develop your confidence in doing earth energy work for clients and helping to heal Gaia


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Maureen Calamia