There are currently two downloadable courses to instruct you in feng shui basics. Each course includes about a half hour video and a downloadable full-color Feng Shui Workbook. The videos incorporate both audio and video clips, as well as illustrative photos and graphics to help enhance your learning experience.

Every slide and Feng Shui Workbook page is my own completely original creation. The pages are designed to provide you with the visuals, information, and experiences to help you integrate the learning in each presentation. You will have many different opportunities in each Feng Shui Workbook exercise to explore your learning by doing, both on paper and in your own life.

These are not watered down lessons. They are created to deliver to you a strong learning experience which you can then take with you as you view other environments and begin to recognize feng shui elements all around you – for better or worse.

Trisha Keel