Straightforward, easy-to-apply Feng Shui principles to buy/sell/design real estate

Feng Shui for Real Estate taught by Michelle Duffy, online

Are you a sole real estate professional, real estate developer, or owner of a real estate firm who would like to gain an immediate and unique competitive edge in today’s rough and tumble real estate market? Are you taking all the conventional steps to bolster business and still your sales are lackluster? Are you a buyer who wants to choose a home that will nourish you in a dynamic, fulfilling, life-enhancing way? Are you a seller who is stuck paying two mortgages or needing to move forward with your life and the selling of a home is holding you hostage?

In this course, you will learn how to use Feng Shui principles to overcome real estate obstacles, challenges and difficulties including Feng Shui Real Estate tips, checklists for sellers and buyers, cures based on the Method of Minor Additions, color applications, and Five Element Theory. Study includes the Feng Shui Bagua (Feng Shui map/template) as it relates to a floor plan, Chi flow, Three Pillars of a home, de-cluttering, and color applications. Space clearings; blessings designed to move homes; blessings to clear old energies from previous owners; as well as ground-breaking ceremonies will be discussed. The knowledge of how Feng Shui provides a competitive advantage will be shared in an easy-to-understand, business focused, easy-to-apply format.

About Michele Duffy
Michele is the creative and energetic force behind Mandala Feng Shui Consulting & Design, originally based in NYC and currently from the sacred ground of Tucson, Arizona. Michele’s vision is to help people create sacred spaces that sustainably nourish them, their homes, their businesses and their lives! Michele has worked with commercial, corporate, and private clients alike to transform their spaces and lives with blessings that open an energetic pathway to the nuance of possibilities.   Whether on site or working from floor plans, Michele’s thoroughness,

creativity, compassion, and common sense approach transforms this very ancient art and science so her clients may create spaces that nourish, heal and prosper. Michele graduated from the BTB Feng Shui Masters program in 1999 and has dedicated her Feng Shui practice for the benefit of her loyal and diverse clients all over the United States. Michele lectures often and writes regularly for many publications including the Asian Institute Newsletter, AZ Green Living, and Feng Shui Reflections. Michele is a dedicated Tibetan Buddhist Yoga and Alliance Certified yoga teacher and actively shares her knowledge of breathing techniques and contemplative practices with her clients for optimal health. She is currently the Master of Feng Shui in the Metaphysical Department at Canyon Ranch Tucson, a world-class destination wellness resort. Michele’s spiritually compassionate motivation for clients helps prioritizes for them the vast body of wisdom contained in Feng Shui, for their homes, business and gardens, as well as guiding them with de-cluttering, Chinese Medicine, Calendrical Psychology (Traditional Chinese/Nine Star Ki Astrology), Space Clearing and Blessings.

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