Create Beautiful Spaces with Home Renovation Feng Shui

Feng Shui Renovations Online with S. Lee Wright — These courses are for anyone who wants their Home Environment to best support them to Live a Better, Healthier and more Balanced Life. 

Home Renovations with Feng Shui is a series of online courses to help you learn the steps and tips to create a project that does not make you want to pull your hair out.  It guides you through the design and construction process with detailed steps on creating your intention, your budget, how to get the right team to help your project be fabulously successful, plus space clearing methods to complete the process.

In Kitchen Designs with Feng Shui, you will learn the ways  you can easily make changes to your Kitchen to make it the Heart of your Home. Tips on how to give your kitchen a face lift or a full renovation are included in this detailed course.  As a bonus, we are including basic information on Feng Shui and the 5 Elements to help you design your perfect kitchen and to ensure that your renovation creates a balanced design for a harmonious kitchen space.

Bathroom designs with Feng Shui will show you ways to make easy changes to your Bathroom to make it the Zen space you’ve always dreamed of! Get design ideas and creative solutions on how to make the most of your bathroom whether you have a large or  small space, or can do a full renovation or only some minor adjustments.  Basic knowledge on the art of Feng Shui, the 5 elements and the importance of making your Bathroom a balanced environment are all provided in a detailed process.


About S. Lee Wright
Lee studied at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and received a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture with a minor in Psychology in 1990. Interior Architecture is a combination of Interior Decoration, Interior Design & Industrial Design only. Lee has over twenty five (25) years of experience in the Architectural and Interior Design industries in both Europe and the USA.

Lee’s corporate expertise includes working on multimillion dollar installations including Kidder Peabody, the Time Life Building, Fortune Magazine, CB Richard Ellis, The City of New York, BDG McColl, Ogilvy, and J. Walter Thompson to name a few. As an Account Executive, Lee’s main objective was to provide designs that met all goals including the best use of space and efficiency as well as meeting budgetary, schedule and business objectives.

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