No need for $$ onsite program. What you need to know + Feng Shui secrets, from Feng Shui Designs.

In any real estate market, staging can make the difference between a home that sells or one that sits on the market for months. Using Feng Shui techniques we can increase the effectiveness of tried and true staging protocols. Statistics show that staged homes usually sell twice as fast as non staged homes and for more money!

This is a turn-key program which will give you all the tools necessary to break into this lucrative market and create a great source of additional income.

You will:

  • Become a CFSStm-Certified Feng Shui Stager.
  • Learn the proven “must do” techniques to sell a home.
  • Learn the powerful transcendental actions needed to quickly move the qi toward a sale .
  • Gain resources to rent furniture and accessories to use in a vacant home. Earn income while the home is on the market!
  • Learn to re-design a home with existing furnishings.
  • Learn the basics of color, lighting and creating space with proven Feng Shui and staging principles.
  • Use the CFSStm logo with all of your marketing tools.
  • Learn how to set fees for one-time or on-going projects.

And so much more…

James Jay

In 1993, the Feng Shui Designs Learning Center established one of the first Professional Feng Shui Training Programs in the U.S. Since that time, key instructors, Helen and James Jay have guided hundreds of students into their careers as Feng Shui consultants. Realize your goal of becoming a professionally trained and certified consultant in the art of Feng Shui […]
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