The most basic understanding of Feng Shui comes with a working knowledge of the five different Celestial Animals, which are metaphors for different types or flavors of energy. Each of the Five Elements or Celestial Animals works to create on of the others. Each dances with the others in different frequencies. Fire and Wood have a radically different interaction than Fire and Earth. There are creative pairings and destructive pairings, and your job is to figure out when to pull which dancing pair out of your bag of tricks.
We will also be focusing on the Cycle of Time that the Celestial Animals dance to. Each season they change partners and dance different dances. Each month, as the seasons progress, they change qualities to transform from creating themselves, to maintaining themselves, to changing themselves. You will learn how to align with the time to maximize the results from your Feng Shui adjustments.
Join me on the second Sunday of every month, from 1:30-3PM Central  for the Dance of the Celestial Animals Feng Shui Workshop live and online via Zoom. Workshop materials are delivered as PDFs by email. On the day of the workshop, I will send you a Zoom invite to join the workshop about 15 minutes before it starts. Ideas are shared freely throughout the group and everyone learns from each other as we go. Tuition is $30.
There are correlating workshops offered on the last Sunday of every month which focus on the Practical Magic that evolves from your intentions and actions using the element of the month. (Explore more about which of the Celestial Animals influence the energy of which days of the year in my  Feng Shui & Moon Magic Planning Calendar, which is available on  
Join us online via Zoom for the paired Practical Magic Workshop and enjoy some hands-on witchy crafting and practical application of the month’s elemental frequencies through creativity and creative celebrations. This second workshop of the month extends the learning from Feng Shui out to personal power over place to give you a focus and an exercise to manifest your intentions. Tuition is also $30, but register for both and save 10%.
I video record every workshop so that if you cannot attend one, but want the learning, you can always order the audio and PDFs to go through at your own convenience.
Trisha Keel