Originally published in 2008, I am celebrating 11 years of Feng Shui & Moon Magicwith a double shot of fun in the 2019 Feng Shui AND Practical Magic Workshopseries! For those to whom Feng Shui & Moon Magic is brand new, the book can be purchased at bit.ly/TrishaKeelBooks. For those who have been working with the magic in this book already, each Feng Shui Workshop will provide fresh new Feng Shui ways to enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones during each lunation, as well as detailed and meaningful magic, rituals, and Moon Water Potions!
The second Sunday of every month you can attend the Feng Shui & Moon Magic Workshop live in Houston, Texas at Out of the Blue, the new home of Tomorrow’s Key, in Houston’s Heights at 1847 Cortlandt Street at 20th Street. No matter where you are, you can attend online via Zoom. I’ll email your materials and materials lists as I receive your paid tuition. Please leave yourself enough time to gather the materials you will need for the crafting and rituals. As ever, though, you will be able to substitute according to what you have, as do all of us in our creation processes.
The last Sunday of every month you can expand your learning in the paired Practical Magic Workshop for hands-on witchy crafting and practical application of the lunation’s magic powers through creativity and ritual celebration. This will give you a physical anchor for the embodiment of the incoming New Moon’s energy, ready beforehand, as well as practice in a ritual celebration of that lunation’s energy. Register for both workshops and SAVE!
If you miss a workshop, you can always order the audio and PDFs of the printed support materials.
Trisha Keel