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You visit a gothic cathedral or pyramids and wonder how men built these structures.There are many theories, but no solid answers. Seekers don’t accept common answers. They look deeper, and then deeper, and then deeper still.

The first veil lifts away from the Mystery when you turn from the gigantic glamour of the overall impact of what you see and consider instead the small elements that compose the place. You may not know how the materials were put into place, but you can identify what the material is. Then you can consider where it came from, how it got to the site, and how it was worked into a usable shape. It will take you a bit to unveil why that specific material was chosen and others were not.

Go to any government building, look at any currency, or take note of the shapes you find lurking in logos. Look at the oak-panelled walls in any courtroom. Observe American dollars with a pyramid with its top replaced by a giant floating eye. Ask yourself why the mermaid on your Starbucks cup has a double tail. Why are these elements included? What are they for? What do they mean? Do they affect you? How? Why?

You step into an octagonal gazebo or a hexagonal bay window and are enchanted. What is up with that? Why do some places feel so inviting, others feel so intensely calming, and still others feel scary? How are spaces able to affect your body, emotions, and mind? How can you create spaces that are supportive to your life and goals?

You discover that horses are measured in hands and buildings are measured in feet. Whose hands? Whose feet? What other body measures are there and how can you use them?

The list of questions multiplies with your awareness and your curiosity. Seekers are relentless in their search for information. They know that with each veil’s removal, more truth is known. But few know the truth and fewer share it.

Welcome to Sacred Geometry & Geomancy: Designing Living Temples. Your are invited to step through the veils that hide the Mysteries and into the real story told in the numbers, shapes, sounds, and even in the stars!

Trisha Keel