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Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny – the Course.

Ba zi is a life study and any starter course is only a beginning; it is on completion that the real work starts. By then the attentive student will be able to draft by hand a ba zi in Chinese characters (it’s not that hard, actually) read from the Chinese calendar and have all the tools necessary for interpretation.

The course consists of four modules. Each Module is available as five one to one, one-hour Zoom Sessions anywhere in the world. Timings can be tailored to your schedule.

No prior knowledge of ba zi, feng shui or Chinese culture is required. Equally this course takes note of different methods and approaches, many of which are likely to be fresh even to the sophisticated student. Essentially this is a course in divination.

Richard Ashworth

Richard Ashworth has been teaching Classical feng shui & Chinese Astrology for a decade or more, the last 5 years primarily one to one online, having studied with a series of Masters over twenty-plus years. Starting out with Derek Walters, probably the most respected of all the Western Masters, by way of several years close-to full-time study with Master Cha […]
London, England
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