Space Clearing/Harmonizing is a vital part of maintaining healthy space, and has been part of our human culture and practice for thousands of years. Home Blessings, Spring Cleaning, New Years ceremonies, Spirit Cleansing.. we are familiar rituals associated with cleansing space. As we work to maintain a healthy body,mind and spirit, we must allow our homes to have a cleanse, refresh and reset it’s energy and intentions. We can apply new paint, beautiful furnishings and feng shui techniques, but it is like ” putting clean clothes on a dirty body”. Our homes matrix, energy fields, history, trauma, and more are a level of congestion that can shifted.

About the Program

The Certification will consist of a series of 12 Classes, 2 On Site Consultations, Graduation ceremony, independent work and mentoring. Two Onsite Clearings will be required, and of course, attend as many as you can. Reading and Independent work/projects will be required. Map and Remote work will be required. We want to equip you with a lot of knowledge, practice, and support.

We have designed our program so that you can allow 3 months – 12 months to complete your requirements, the pace is yours to determine.

The course will cover:

  • Space clearing history
  • Ethics & Protocols, Techniques & Tools
  • Herbs, Smoke, Salt, Sage, Sound, Resin, Oils/Sprays
  • Energy Awareness & Management Grounding, Sensitizing, Protection
  • Reading a Space, Dowsing, Stagnant Energy, Spirits & Entity
  • Energy Releasing, Shields, Programming, Map Clearing, Remote Work
  • Crystals, Herbs, Feathers, Angels, Spiritual Guides

and much more…

Renae Jensen