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The Academy of Exquisite Living is dedicated to supporting individuals who wish to create an exquisite life for themselves and for others. We currently offer the Inspired Feng Shui and Healthy Home Practitioner Online Certification Course, to teach individuals how to become confident, qualified, certified feng shui practitioners. Karen’s promise to all students is that you will be a confident and qualified professional when you graduate, or she will personally mentor you until you feel you are. This training not only includes all the “traditional” feng shui information, but the “contemporary feng shui” factors as well. These “bau-biology” conditions can make or break health and are vital to knowing in order to make modern day homes and workplaces healthy and safe for all.

Professional Certification

Each week during the training you will view videos and listen to audios of me teaching you about the “BTB” style of feng shui and bau-biology that I practice. You will also read up on feng shui and healthy-home practices with the course material I send to you. Students who take this online program are just as well trained and confident as my live trainees because of the access to ask me questions on and off line. I also work one-on-one with each student as they present their final project consultations to me live via the telephone. If need be, I will personally mentor you after class is over to make sure you are 100% confident in your new skills and abilities. I promise to work with you until you feel confident in your skills as a professional feng shui consultant.

25 Weeks of Online Training
During the 25 weeks you will access all course documents, materials, videos, etc. via our online classroom. I suggest you set aside 4 to 6 hours weekly to study, do the necessary course work and interact in the discussions.

5 Essential Feng Shui Books Plus the Course Workbook
Upon enrollment you will be sent 5 books that compliment what I teach in the course. You will also receive a 106 page workbook to use as you go through the course. This workbook is also designed to be a travel tool for you to take along to your future consultations as a quick reference guide.

Live Calls with Me!
There are live call-in sessions scheduled with me throughout the 25 week training. (Not mandatory to attend, but you will receive a recording of the calls.)

Interactive Virtual Classroom
Inside my online learning classroom, you will be able to view my instructional videos and listen to audios necessary for the course, submit assignments, participate in discussion forums, view grades and feedback on assignments, and more. You can also ask me questions whenever you need to throughout the training either via telephone or the online chat forum inside the classroom.

20 Videos and 8 Audios
The training videos and audios for the course cover subjects such as the history of feng shui, yin and yang & IChing, Environmental Psychology, How to do Business as a Professional Consultant, The Bagua & Optimal Furniture Positions, The 5 Elements & 9 Traditional Cures, The Effects of Clutter and How to De-Clutter, “Sick House” Issues and How to Mitigate Them, Space Clearing & Energy-Adjusting Rituals, Personal Chi Management, How to Complete a Successful Consultation, How to Create the Best Living and Workplaces for Yourself, How to Do a Real Consultation by watching me in Action Via Video, and much much more!

Hands-on Learning
This feng shui certification course is set up to provide informational learning as well as hands-on experience. That means you will have opportunities to conduct live on-site consultations and develop your own recommendations regarding space clearing, feng shui cures and rituals, clutter clearing and healthy home (bau-biology) recommendations.

Support Beyond Certification
Access to the course videos after the course is over.
Listing in my online feng shui consultant directory.
Ongoing support from me and other certified course graduates in a private Facebook group once you graduate.


Also available, a self paced course. 

Always wanted to be get certified but can’t commit to sticking to the 25 week class schedule or the full tuition of Karen’s training? Then, this self-paced course is the for you!

This 3-Module, full certification training is perfect for you if you want maximum flexibility with your time and finances. Instead of keeping pace inside a 25-week course, week by week, you can take as much time as you want to integrate the concepts presented. (The 8 week module layout is only a suggestion). This is a self-paced training to fit your schedule. Get certified as fast as you want or if you need more time, take your time! You have up to 2 years to complete all 3 Modules if you need it.
Relax, you still have access to Karen for all your questions and to speak with her to discuss your consultation homework. Karen guarantees you will be a confident and well qualified practitioner once you complete the 3 module training…or you simply continue to work with Karen until you are.

School Main Contact:
Karen Rauch Carter
2614 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34103
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About the Director(s)

Karen Rauch Carter is the author of the national bestselling feng shui book, “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” (Simon & Schuster, 2000) which is currently translated in seven languages. Besides being a feng shui consultant and healthy lifestyle designer, she is an international speaker, a professional feng shui educator, mentor, and coach.

In addition to Karen’s knowledge of Feng Shui, Design, Life Coaching, Pranic Healing, Holistic Health and Longevity Diet Counseling, she is recently certified in Advanced Neurological Repatterning, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Performance Consulting, and as a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Ms. Carter’s background as a landscape architect makes her feng shui advice not only meet the sound principles of good feng shui but good design as well. She provides lectures and consultations to individuals and corporations worldwide.

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