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Online Feng Shui training course to qualify as a feng shui consultant using modern online teaching techniques with author, international teacher and consultant with over 30 experience, Simon Brown, as your main teacher.

Simon ran the first feng shui courses in Europe in 1990, is currently serving his second term as chair of the Feng Shui Society and well known as an international teacher, regularly teaching in London, Lisbon, Valencia, Tokyo and many other countries. Simon has run online courses since 2005.

Simon has a strong career in feng shui consultations, working a large projects with British Airways, The Body Shop, Paris Airports, Heron Tower and many well-known businesses. Most of his work is with apartments, houses and offices.

In this course Simon will share his considerable experience in helping you become a successful feng shui consultant, accredited by the Feng Shui Society.

This course is made up of 2 hour online classes on Thursdays, with some Saturdays and Sundays, with practical exercises between classes. The advantage of 2 hour classes is that each class is short enough for full attention and focus. By having classes 1, 2 or sometimes 3 classes a week you will be able to remember what you have learnt from one class to the next. Please allow about 2 hours a week for reading, practice and projects.

You will complete the whole course within a year, being a reasonable commitment for your feng shui training.

Each training session is recorded, so if you miss a class you can catch up. The course include 4 private tutorials and you may ask questions between classes.

The courses are interactive and you will be encouraged to participate and ask questions.

After successful completion, Simon will also be available to help you with feng shui projects and offer ongoing support and mentoring.


  • Understanding what feng shui is and how it works.
  • An overview of all the various styles of feng shui.
  • The ethics of helping others with feng shui.
  • The principles of feng shui, yin and yang, five, elements, trigrams, lo shu, directions. Their uses and limitations.
  • Sensing chi energy. Learning to feel and see chi in a person and home.
  • Constructing a floor plan in Microsoft PowerPoint and writing a report.
  • Consultation techniques, developing your own methodology.
  • Feng shui cures – What they are and how to apply them.
  • Feng Shui Healing – Using special feng shui features to create an atmosphere where each person can best succeed in life.
  • Feng Shui Interior Design – Using colours, materials, lighting, textures, furniture, imagery and flooring to create the ideal atmosphere in each room.
  • Feng Shui Architecture – Location, design, layout, windows, doors, materials, eco technology, form, proportion and features to create the ideal building.
  • Applying feng shui to businesses.
  • Nine ki astrology applied to relationships, timing and directions.
  • Practice of applying all you have learnt to homes, offices, and shops or restaurants.
  • Real life assessment of public spaces. When possible we will include teaching in various cafes. restaurants and galleries so that we can use our experience of the spaces as part of the course.
  • Where possible I will take you out on a real feng shui consultation.
  • Follow up and mentoring. Supervision of your feng shui consultations.

This online feng shui training is approved by the Feng Shui Society as an Accrediting Course. The course consists of 180 hours of feng shui training with accredited feng shui teachers. In addition to the teaching you will be supported with reading, supervised projects, feng shui assignments, practice and reviews of your work.

Successful completion of this course leads to accreditation with the Feng Shui Society and includes your first years membership fees. You will be listed on the Feng Shui Society website as a consultant and enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the society. You will be eligible for insurance in countries where insurance is available. You will also receive a certificate from Simon.


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Simon Brown
Greater London, England E2 7JL
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Simon Brown has served as the chair of the Feng Shui Society, international teacher, consultant international teacher, consultant, is a feng shui, macrobiotic and face reading author,. He is the author of 9 Feng Shui books including The Feng Shui Bible, Modern Day Macrobiotics, Macrobiotics For Life and The Secrets of Face Reading – and is an expert in macrobiotic and face reading.  His clients include The Body Shop, British Airways and Paris Airports. He ran the first major course in the UK and has over 28 years experience in feng shui.

Simon provides online and in person macrobiotic consultations and courses from London and Lisbon. He studied macrobiotics from 1980 with Michio Kushi, Aveline Kushi and Shizuko Yamamoto as well as feng shui with Takashi Yoshikawa. Simon has served as chair of the Feng Shui Society and Macrobiotic Association.

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