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The Feng Shui Institute of America (FSIA), has been in existence since 1994. Founded by Nancilee Wydra, Feng Shui Master, the school offers a contemporary scientific feng shui curriculum also known in the industry as Pyramid or Scientific Feng Shui.  We are a multi-disciplined, world-wide feng shui certification school.

In 2013, Connie Spruill former Director of the school took over and eventually purchased the school upon Nancilee’s retirement.

Connie received her  Feng Shui Masters designation in 2009. Under her guidance, the school has expanded world-wide and moved completely online.  FSIA has expanded over the years adding intensive experiential approaches to each level’’s course work.

The certification course is divided into three stepping stones of learning and is presented online through a teaching platform that includes videos, podcasts, quizzes and lots of other interaction.

Level One – Foundational Materials and Tenets
Level Two – Intro to Scientific Feng Shui including all assessment/evaluation Tools
Level Three – Case Studies/Advanced Scientific Concepts and field experience

Students are guided in applying unique feng shui assessment tools developed by outside researchers and scientists as adjunct faculty at our annual training events to teach the concepts of the many sciences we’ve integrated into our certification.  Some of those sciences include:  molecular cell biology; near-sciences; anthropology; sociology, behavioral epi-genetics; sacred geometry and more.  Read below what one of our graduates thought about the course.


I appreciated the design of the program, as it offered flexibility to work at my own pace and the mentor assigned to me was available as needed, to answer my questions. The mentorship offers an intimacy in learning which I was not expecting, yet was one of the most valuable parts of the program.”

Kimberly Garner- Designer


“…I felt like my mentor had a genuine wish to educate good practitioners and not just make money. For what the school offered it seemed like I would get a lot of value for what I invested. I learned to communicate feng shui in a modern way that many people can relate to. I also developed good interviewing skills to uncover the true issue causing problems with my clients.

Josefine Adde Dahl of Sweden


When finished many of our graduates integrate feng shui into their existing business or tap into one of our many business models to start their feng shui consulting and training business.  (Check out our business system program for getting your own feng shui consulting platform up and running).

Graduates/Students get 50% discount on getting your business started through our Practitioner Business System includes getting your business online to coach and offer your own online courses.

Some of our assessment tools include:

  1. Archi-typing –- typing a client’s architectural preferences for feeling safe – (PTSD) caused by trauma; need for preferential exits; placement and more.
  2. Holon drill down including: The Art of Interviewing to Uncover the Real Problem.
  3. The psychology of interpreting color, shape and lines as it relates to human response.
  4. Connecting the senses to our molecular response system.

Special programs are offered to consultants certified in other schools to learn the theory and application of Pyramid assessment tools and to access feng shui continuing education units.

We provide advanced feng shui training, online courses, interior design, as well as opportunities for our alumni members.

Feng Shui Certification

Become a Professional Feng Shui Consultant with us!  FSIA teaches and certifies students in the science of feng shui incorporating many scientific disciplines that include: quantum physics; psychology; molecular cell biology; green space; landscaping; color and human response; applying ergonomic approaches in furniture placement to help correct minor chronic pain and illnesses caused by ill fitting furniture; enhancing quality of life issues for aging in place; incorporating brain science research in how we respond to spaces are new chapters in our curriculum.If you are looking for a unique home based business or, to add a new profit center to your current design or consulting business, feng shui may be the answer. Becoming certified in the science of feng shui can bring you new customers as well as change the way you do business, not to mention learning how to look at your own spaces with new eyes.

Program includes but is not limited to:

    • Course is completely online with Zoom coaching/teaching live as as needed.
    • Online interactive training, worksheets, full color media graphics to enhance learning experience and online quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress.
    • Mentors assigned to every student for duration of studies.
    • Interaction with a school master via teleconference, once a month seven months a year while in the certification course, provides students an opportunity to ask questions, get clarification on materials and hear other students questions and answers.
    • Downloadable content and worksheets.
    • Numerous videos with demonstrations.  As well, many videos about scientific concepts.

Creating Your Signature Profit Center – A Business System for Holistic Practitioners

A business system customized for holistic practitioners. If you practice in the holistic field this business system is designed uniquely for you. Selling esoteric services can be daunting. Opening Your Signature Profit Center puts you on top in today’s marketplace.

Designed by Connie Spruill, a certified business analyst and feng shui master, this course includes a business manual, additional e-book supplements, online training, 8 months of, one-on-one coaching, consulting on website design and content managing focusing on making your words intrigue your reader, enticing them to purchase your services. The program is customized to each individual business.

Topics addressed include:

    • Developing your Value Proposition
    • Branding you as the expert above your peers
    • Making customer connections
    • Identifying and growing multiple streams of income in your business
    • Hypnotic design of your website or blog to prompt visitors to sign up for your information
    • (Note: we do not build your website, only help you lay it out for maximum response).
    • Creating and managing profit centers
    • How to create good SEO for your website
    • How to determine best keywords in website content
    • Developing new product/services into cash producing centers
    • Best legal formation for your business to maximize profits and reduce taxes
    • How to get testimonials and use them effectively
    • How to ask for and close the sale
    • Stretching your consultation from 1 to 2, 3 or 4 opportunities to meet with your client and collect revenue each time.
    • Pricing your service or product

50% discount for Alumni & Students of Feng Shui Institute of America


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Connie Spruill, Feng Shui Master
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Columbus, Ohio
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About the Director(s)

Connie Spruill, Feng Shui Master, Owner & Director of the Feng Shui Institute of America. has a Masters degree in Adult Program Management-Instructional Design and Workforce Development. She holds a Bachelors degree in International Business. Connie was certified as a practitioner in 1996 through FSIA and rose to Master status in 2010. She is coauthor along with Sylvia Watson of Feng Shui with What You Have, published 2004 in English and 2005 in Spanish.  Connie has been a long-time business, professional and personal coach to thousands throughout her career. She teaches and advises individuals on starting, running and growing a profitable business through local chambers and small business development centers and coaches women leaving the corporate arena on finding new purpose in their lives.

Connie has appeared on numerous television news and variety programs discussing feng shui topics. She conducts continuing education courses in feng shui for the real estate industry, social workers, medical and healing professionals, teachers, and many other fields.  She is available for residential, commercial, landscaping-garden consults. She can be contacted through the Feng Shui Institute of America.

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Sylvia Watson, President of Healing Environments with Feng Shui and co-author of Feng Shui with What You Have, is a Red Ribbon professional through IFSG and well-respected feng shui consultant, public speaker and educator. She has been featured in several publications such as CEO and Business First and a featured guest on several TV programs, including a two-part health series devoted to the topic of feng shui on PBS affiliate, WOUB. She is a much sought after presenter for professional feng shui conferences, Home and Garden Shows, business conferences, and health fairs. She serves as a Senior Faculty member and Director of Outreach Development for the Feng Shui Institute of America, LLC one of the first western approach feng shui certification schools in America. In recent years she has served on the Education Committee of the International Feng Shui Guild whose purpose is to establish professional standards for the feng shui profession.

Sylvia has a BA in Liberal Arts from Marietta College. Teaching credentials in art, earth and social sciences along with years of experience as a professional color consultant lends to her expertise as a feng shui professional. A graduate of the Feng Shui Institute of America (FSIA), she also completed the Faculty Training Program with FSIA which qualified her to be part of a select group sanctioned by FSIA to teach continuing education credits for the American Institute of Interior Designers (ASID), IIDA and other design associations throughout the United States and Canada.

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Holistic Biz System
Customized 12 month program; helps coaches, healers and other service pros build revenue.
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