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Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui is founded by Vicky Sweetlove, she combines her knowledge of feng shui with dowsing, space clearing and earth alchemy and has created the Feng Shui Practitioner Course Programme to be completed over a period of 2 years.

The course takes in the core principles of feng shui plus extra training in working with the personal Bazi chart of a person, flying stars of the home and the yearly afflictions.

During the course there will be training in traditional space clearing methods, learning to dowse remotely and on site, knowing about geopathic stress, various types of earth energies, working with the energies of the spirit of place. Advanced skills in working with the elementals, mother earth and the spirit world .

The Feng Shui Practitioner Course will encompass the Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner course that Vicky currently runs and has had amazing feedback from the students who have attended especially when being out in nature and onsite practicing what is taught. As the course is very hands on and experiential.

There is often fun and laughter within the classes and everyone feels inspired by each other’s experiences. All students will work on one another’s homes as part of the programme.

The Feng Shui Practitioner Course is an intensive basic course, perfect for those who wish to become a practitioner in Feng Shui or as an add-on to their careers as real estate agents, interior designers, architects, life coaches or any holistic practice would benefit from this knowledge to help their clients. Many students have found the course to be life changing.

The Feng Shui Practioner Course Programme includes:
I Ching,
Early and Later Heaven Baguas,
The Eight trigrams
Different schools of Feng Shui
Form School and the Celestial animals. in the landscape and in the home/office
Five Elements and the cycles
Ying and Yang
East and West Life
Sitting and facing directions of home
East and West life groups
Colour association in Feng Shui
Chi Energy – Sheng Chi, Sha Chi
Landform Feng shui
Property Shapes
Flying Stars for the year and the home
Symbolism of Artwork and the effects
Symbolism of what we have in our surroundings
Feng Shui Case studies
Working in class on assessing floor plans
Bazi chart analysis
Garden Feng Shui
Space Clearing, altars and uses and methods and protection
Geopathic Stress , dowsing and assessment on floor plans
Geopsychic Stress -traumatised land and space
Clutter Clearing
Walking Tour assessment of landscape feng shui and office
How to carry out a Feng Shui consultation, ethics and confidentiality
How to market your Feng Shui busines – ie business cards
Feng Shui Ethics and Codes of Practices
Feng Shui Professionalism

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Vicky Sweetlove
London, England
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Vicky Sweetlove is a natural intuitive and professional feng shui consultant and teacher. She has been teaching and consulting for over 20 years and currently teaches in London and around the world a Feng Shui Foundation Course, Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner Course and practitioner training in the Akashic Records.

She has now created the Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui to bring a Feng Shui Practitioner Training Course which offers basic practitioner certification courses. She is a student of Dato Joey Yap, Malaysia, Denise Linn, Robert Gray and Patrick McManaway and now wishes to share this knowledge and pass it forward.

She has carried out many consultations for her clients with amazing success stories in selling homes that sold within a couple of weeks of her visit, businesses no longer being near bankruptcy and people finding the love of their life. She has studied many traditions around the world and now helps others to tune into their own surroundings and connect with the energy of the land and space where they live and work.

Her expertise covers earth harmony, space clearing, Celtic shamanic practices and brings these abilities into the courses and consultations she undertakes for students and clients.

She is one of a few authors of the book written by Denise Linn’s Soul Coaches “Soul Whispers” and has written for “High Spirit” magazine and currently writes and appears in “Spirit and Destiny” magazine. She has also appeared on TV on Sky One, BBC2, Living TV, and More 4.


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