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If using the power of nature, the energy of intention, and the compassion of working from the heart with your client is appealing to you, perhaps you are meant to be an Interior Alignment® Practitioner. Interior Alignment® is the feng shui and space clearing system created by Denise Linn, author of “Feng shui for the Soul”, “Sacred Space” and many more books in this field.

Interior Alignment Practitioners looks at the home as a template of our life, goals, dreams, and passions. It can also be a source of healing and transformation. Our methods and techniques, are a combination of ancient feng shui principals,, the art of create sacred space through clearing and blessings, use of tools, techniques and practices from around the world (including Native American) that create powerful shifts in the feels of rooms, homes, and gardens. We also address the 21st century issues of clutter, healthy home techniques, and how to begin your business as a feng shui and space clearing professional. When you graduate from this program, you will have been a experiences out process yourself, noticed personal growth and changes, and also experiences a supported consultation and space clearing.

Interior Alignment is a system and philosophy of using ancient practices from around the world to create uplifting supportive and energetically clear and sacred space.

Instinctive Feng Shui™ is our system of working with a space and our client to create a template for that clients life as represented by their home. It involved understanding your clients needs and desires, and then working with their space to remove issues that could less than optimal and providing enhancements or adjustments to resolve situations. We work with the bagua, the five element and a four element systems, the aspects of yin and yang and the flow of chi. We use colors, shapes symbols, arrangement of objects as ways to enhance the space, and adjust the energy for what is needed. We utilize many tools, such as western astrology, numerology and our process of Synchro-Alignment, and ways of the ancient shamans to understand and shift the space.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ is a part of the Interior Alignment levels of certification. Our methods for creating sacred space through energy clearing, blessings and ceremony call upon ancient methods used my native cultures all over the world. Interior Alignment was founded by world renowned feng shui and sacred space author and speaker Denise Linn. She is of Native American heritage, and many of the methods and tools used are from this culture, and work exceptionally well in North America. This course allows the graduate to feel confident as a professional space clearing practitioner, and they are become a member of the Interior Alignment Community. In this course student practice with Inner Harmony’s extensive selection of tools, including Baliness princess bells, Baliness Space Clearing Bells, singing bowls, drums, essential oils, incense, various forms of smudging, feathering and the powerful use of other sounds and intention.

When you choose to train with Inner Harmony, you will train with licensed Master Educator of Interior Alignment® LuAnn Cibik. She has been training new Interior Alignment professionals since 2003. She works hard to ensure each of her students experience personal transformation, release blockages to their success, and cultivate their own inner knowing and ability to sense and work with energy.

LuAnn’s students have come from related when the skills of feng shui and space clearing offer them new ways to additionally assist client, and from those who wanted to start a new career. This course is also perfect for those simply looking to expand their own abilities and deep inner knowing and use the power of this professional level feng shui and space clearing course to enrich and empower their own lives. LuAnn’s students cover the globe, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, Japan to Denmark, and countries in between. Many classes are based near Pittsburgh Pa, at her health and Wellness center located on 30 acres of woodlands and farmland. She also offers courses in destination locations.

An additional benefit of being an Interior Alignment graduate is the community of IA practitioner that you will join upon successful graduation. This global group is an excellent resource for ongoing questions and support. Our system also includes advanced training, and the ability to become a Master Teacher in your own right. LuAnn can offer you all of these courses.

Our combination online and on-site program Allows you to experience the power of our system first in your own home, before you attend the required onsite practicum to fully step into your power as a professional practitioner. LuAnn also offers a limited amount of private training yearly, if the lists courses cannot work for your schedule.

Our classes have been attended by students worldwide. Training is located 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh PA, we are within driving distance for those in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey.  We have also offered our course in California and Arizona.

About the Director(s)

A Feng Shui professional since 1999 and an Interior Alignment Master Teacher since 2003, LuAnn Cibik finds joy in seeing each of her graduates go on to huge personal and professional success. Finding the unique talent and gift of each of her students is her focus, and allowing each to shine in their light is her talent.

Professional Training and Experience includes:

Founder, Inner Harmony
Founder & Director, Inner Harmony Feng Shui School
Interior Alignment® Foundation Council member 2001-current
Workshop coordinator for Denise Linn, at various events & certification programs 2003-current
Past Board member, International Feng Shui Guild
Education Coordinator for Interior Alignment 2004-current
Licensed Master Educator of Interior Alignment®
Licensed Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®
Certified Soul Coach®
Certified Gateway Dreaming Practitioner
Certified Essential Space Clearing Practitioner/Teacher
Certified in Color Therapeutics for the Home
Co-Owner and operator of Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center
Over 20 years of experience in the Corporate World in Management and IT services
Successful Entrepreneur Business Owner and Developer

825 Lovers Leap Road, Leechburg, Pennsylvania 15656

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