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We are so honored and grateful to have you join us at the International Feng Shui School.  Our training Program is a transformational journey for you and your home. We unite ancient teachings, cutting edge science, and experienced Spiritual guidance to create life-changing results. Our mission is to Support, Enlighten and raise the level of consciousness and the vibration on the planet home by home, person by person.

You will develop and open your own intuitive and innate wisdom. You will be supported and encouraged to open pathways of experiencing and understanding Feng Shui as both an intuitive art and a practical science. When combined with your own unique gifts, your practice of Feng Shui can bring Magic and Success to your work, as well as to the people who receive your wisdom and love. If you feel called to this training, its important to follow that guidance. Gain the wisdom and skill necessary to become a Feng Shui practitioner or just deepen your own understanding of the complete science of Feng Shui.

The potential market for Feng Shui services is massive and growing. Feng Shui is unique in that every residence and business can benefit from it. Now more than ever, people are seeking the ancient art of Feng Shui to bring abundance, growth in relationships and business and to gain that competitive edge.

This training builds a solid foundation for a Feng Shui practitioner by learning its underlying theories. You will develop the profound ability to analyze the unique energy blueprint of a business or home to reveal its past, present and future potential.

The International Feng Shui School Certification

This training builds a solid foundation for a Feng Shui practitioner by revealing its underlying theories. Develop the profound ability to analyze the unique “energy blueprint” of a business or home to reveal its past, present and future potential.

Founder Amanda Sophia teaches knowledge gained over more than 10 years from leading Feng Shui Masters from all over the world, numerous training and running a successful business Feng Shui consulting for fortune 500 companies to thousands of residential clients.

This Feng Shui course will help you become the master of your own life.

    1. Improve health, family, love, creativity and prosperity in your life and the lives of others
    2. Make a difference to people’s lives.
    3. Be conscious of your environment, making sure your home is a reflection of what you would like to manifest in your life.
    4. Gain knowledge you will have and use for life.
    5. Develop confidence, intuition and understanding to enhance your own life as well as the lives of others.
    6. Learn all the necessary skills for success in the growing market for feng shui consultants
    7. Pick the perfect home for yourself or a client whether buying or renting a house or an apartment
    8. Enjoy on-going support when working with large or complex projects.
    9. Learn how to run a successful business.
    10. Know how to build or remodel a house with amazing Feng Shui.
    11. Learn how to start your business from A- Z from Web designers, business coaches, how to register your domain name.
    12. Have fun, be empowered, meet amazing people, create life long friendships – all in training!

If you feel a desire and calling to learn about Feng Shui and help people it can be the most rewarding and fun career, there are so many amazing opportunities from Feng Shui for large corporations to residential clients, doing celebrities homes, writing a books, doing a feng shui TV show, making a line of DVD’s or CD’s teaching, feng shui product development, an online store, a retail store even franchising.

Inner Circle of Feng Shui – from Amanda Sophia

In addition to Amanda’s work leading the International Feng Shui School, she is also the founder of the Inner Circle Of Feng Shui, previously known as the Inner Circle of Wisdom.

You are invited to join her in a unique monthly membership program to advance your learning and understanding of Feng Shui.  Whether you are just beginning or are far along on your Feng Shui journey, there is always more to learn. Our Inner Circle of Feng Shui members are part of an international community of like-minded souls, passionate about communicating the wisdom of Feng Shui and living consciously to the world. Click here to find out more about the Inner Circle of Feng Shui.

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Amanda Collins is an inspirational speaker, self-love guide and Feng Shui Master. She founded the International Feng Shui School and training program, which offers in-person and on-line certification courses. Amanda created the Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership as a source of support, inspiration and friendship to help you find your own joy, invite miracles and live your greatest self. You can access her latest videos, webinars, podcasts, meditations and on-line community anywhere in the world. Amanda also leads sacred journeys around Ireland, tapping into ancient ritual with an uncanny ability to make modern-day magic. Notable clients such as Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard and Dreamworks have reported breakthroughs with her Feng Shui consulting. She is frequently interviewed in the media, and has appeared in Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit and Destiny, Irish Examiner, RTE Television in Ireland, Fox News and KSWB-TV. Amanda has studied wisdom traditions around the world and is a certified yoga teacher, shaman and priestess. Her calling is to help people let go of old belief systems and awaken to their inner joy.

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