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We are a learning institution founded on Form School and BTB principles with modern applications, in all aspects of life: from home to business to professional and personal marketing. We focus on intention and manipulating seen and unseen energy to be able to manifest and thrive from the benefits of Feng Shui.

Our lives are intrinsically Feng Shui by design.

It is our mission to unleash our well-trained and equipped students into the world as leaders, practitioners, and top-notch CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

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Based out of St. Petersburg, Florida
Our initial “live” class will travel around the US in 2020. Locations to be announced!



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Steve Kodad

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About the Director(s)

Like the colorful, meandering pathways that lead up to a comfortable home, Steve Kodad’s career path paved the way to his calling as an award-winning Feng Shui consultant and sought-after speaker and trainer.

Early on, he taught mathematics in Basking Ridge, NJ where he also coached the basketball team to six straight years as conference champions. Four different schools benefited by his championship coaching skills.

Steve’s career path changed in North Carolina where he entered the real estate industry. He was a multi-million-dollar producer, year after year, eventually becoming co-owner of the agency which grew to 30+ agents.

It was in 2003 that Steve discovered Feng Shui and used it with great success to sell his listings. He trained under some of the best-known teachers and earned several certifications, becoming a member of the exclusive International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) in 2004. Steve has earned the premier membership level of the Guild….Red Ribbon Professional.

He sold his share of the real estate agency to his partner to focus on Feng Shui after seeing success came to everything it was applied to.

Steve has conducted over 285 seminars and presentations since 2004 and has trained over 4,450 real estate agents, homeowners and home stagers. He has been featured many times in the media, on television and the radio. He was recently tapped as a Field Producer and Show Advisor for the program “Home Staging Pros.” His third book: “The Feng Shui Cure (for Home Sellers)” was published in November 2016.

When they’re not traveling the globe, Steve and his wife Gwen now call southwest Florida home.563

Lisa Alban is the owner of Cloud 9 Feng Shui, LLC, serving the Tampa Bay area and beyond. She is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild, a Feng Shui Professional with Red Ribbon level designation and she carries a specialized certification in Feng Shui Staging for Home Sales. She is an intuitive designer with a love for art, holistic health, beauty, and balance.

At an early age, Lisa studied energy in the form of light (reflection and refraction) as well as energy fields using dowsing. A self-taught and well-practiced artist, Lisa used color theory and multi-media approaches; often applying her design skills in her career.

Lisa’s professional background is in lifestyle brand marketing, television production, management, and she was a fashion designer. Her design skills were used to conceptualize and bring to life immersive lifestyle sets, TV shows, and fashion runway events.

​It was Steve’s consultation of her home on 2013 that inspired her to advance her Feng Shui education. After applying Feng Shui principles to her home, it sold within days. Lisa enrolled in Steve’s staging program and received certification.

Living a Feng Shui lifestyle and experiencing the benefits herself, she continued her education while applying the concepts in professional and holistic settings. Lisa left her corporate career for one more rewarding.

She specializes in consultations for home construction, interior and exterior design, holistic wellness and business prosperity. Lisa is a keynote speaker, as well as hosts workshops and events that are inspirational, educational and entertaining.​

Lisa presents to professional organizations, corporations, residential communities and Feng Shui enthusiasts.

It is her pleasure to join Steve Kodad in educating and mentoring future Feng Shui professionals.


St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

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