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The London School of Feng Shui offers an innovative and highly experiential approach to feng shui, integrating spiritual practices, Black Sect Buddhist Feng Shui, Compass School perspectives, geopathic stress work, space clearing, psychotherapeutic applications, and much more.

The program is directed by E. J. Shaffert, a certified psychotherapist and feng shui consultant with over 18 years of experience, who has brought his deeply transformative approach to feng shui to clients in many parts of the world. E.J. is the author of “Feng Shui and Money”, which is currently in its second edition; this book is one of the primary texts in this training, and students have the unique opportunity to study directly with the author over the two years.

The program is co-taught by Susie Shaw, a feng shui consultant who specializes in geopathic stress and space clearing, with over 20 years of experience. These aspects of Susie’s work, combined with E.J.’s integration of feng shui with psychotherapy, form a diverse and powerful approach.

The training program meets for five weekends each year, for two years, with online classes between each of the training weekends. This program is outstanding in its immersive, experiential approach, offering actual site visits with real clients throughout London in each of the training weekends.

The motto of this school is “You can only learn to dance by getting on the dance floor. And you can only learn feng shui on-site with real clients.” Students in this program receive over 25 hours of on-site experience with actual clients, as well as practice sessions in other students’ homes and their own case study supervised by a teacher.

The school environment is known for its warmth, camaraderie and sense of fun, while also offering depth, rigor and inspiration. Most students report their experience in the program to be “life changing.”

In this friendly, carefully designed program, you will learn the essential principles and applications of feng shui, so you can apply them for your own wellbeing and development, and also train to help others. In the classroom, you will learn the essential principles and tools of feng shui design. And then, you will go on actual consultations in the London area. Between each class, you will have field work assignments, to apply the principles “hands on.

Components of the program include:

  • A solid understanding of feng shui principles
  • Advanced feng shui “cures” and techniques
  • Development of intuition and psychic sensitivity
  • Ancient blessing methods
  • Space clearing
  • Energy healing
  • Geopathic stress assessment and remedies
  • Meditations for balancing personal and spatial energies
  • Integration of feng shui and psychotherapy
  • A rigorous education with established professional consultants
  • Field trips to apply feng shui in real spaces, with real clients
  • Practice sessions in other students’ homes
  • Monthly field work assignments
  • Personalized instruction
  • Supervised case study to practice with your own client
  • A lively and warm community of feng shui students and graduates
School Main Contact:
E. J. Shaffert
35 Wimbledon Hill Road, Greater London, England SW19 7NB
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About the Director(s)

E. J. Shaffert an internationally experienced feng shui consultant, psychotherapist, educator, and author, with over 18 years’ experience. He has been a popular feature on television, radio and live events, and his special approach to feng shui, which is both spiritual and psychotherapeutic, has positively touched thousands of lives. E. J. has directed programs to train feng shui consultants for over 8 years, first in NYC and now in London.

He is the author of FENG SHUI & MONEY: A Nine Week Program for Creating Prosperity with Feng Shui Principles, which is currently in its second edition and has been published in four languages.

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